TinyFins for Vision Pro turns your living room into a Mixed Reality coral reef

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The TinyFins mixed reality app for Apple Vision Pro lets you move a school of fish around your home.

Ditached, a German development studio, has recently launched a Mixed Reality application named “TinyFins” for the Apple Vision Pro device. This app allows you to immerse yourself in an underwater world by utilizing your surroundings. By manipulating your hands, you can direct a group of adorable fish to swim through hoops. The objective of the game is to gather as many hoops as you can while progressing through increasingly challenging levels.

If you bring your hand closer to your body, the fish will approach you. If you extend it outward, the group will move towards your hand. A tilting motion also influences the direction, enabling skillful swimming maneuvers.

In the game, there are currently three varieties of adversaries: squid, pufferfish, and sharks, all of whom are chasing after your group of fish. In the intervals between waves, your task will be to gather stray fish. These stray fish are tiny ones that become trapped in bubbles and can be incorporated into your group.

By doing this, you will be able to improve your position and gain experience points. It is also important to defend the stray fish from any attackers. When all the fish have been captured, the game will come to an end. You have the option to see your collection of fish, feed them, and access various small treasures in a designated hub called the Vision Pro Shared Space.

After the release, TinyFins will receive additional updates with new functionalities. The developers have announced their intention to replace the current hub with a Mixed Reality aquarium. You can now find TinyFins in Apple’s App Store for a price slightly below $5. The game was created using the Unity engine for visionOS.

TinyFins almost became a kind of Mario Party in MR

Ditached initially developed a concept that drew inspiration from Mario Party in Mixed Reality. During the process of experimenting with different mini-game ideas for the Vision Pro, the studio ultimately chose the small fish game. The positive feedback from early testers was so encouraging that they decided to expand it into a complete game.

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