GLYDR successfully achieved its funding goal for a virtual reality foot controller within a span of 40 minutes.

GLYDR, a hardware company based in Texas, has recently announced that it has exceeded its Kickstarter this week, the VR and video game foot controller achieved its fundraising goal in a mere 40 minutes.

The company has developed a unique foot controller that aims to improve user interaction in a wide range of PC and MacOS games, as well as certain console titles and virtual reality experiences. It does this by minimizing the strain on the hands and fingers.

GLYDR’s foot controller, named after itself, features a bipedal/multidirectional design that grants gamers precise analog control over their video game and immersive encounters. The controller’s design enables a wide variety of actions, such as the ability to map up to 16 different combinations at once and even consolidate multiple button presses into a single action.

The company states that the device offers immediate compatibility with a wide range of games and comes with pre-configured settings for easy setup. Furthermore, GLYDR provides extensive customization options with new profiles, allowing users to adjust dead zones and sensitivity for each footpad. It also offers both USB and Bluetooth connectivity choices.

GLYDR is not only designed for gaming but also aims to improve productivity in various computer-related tasks like video editing, transcription, music production, and live streaming. Additionally, the controller is suitable for users who require adaptive setups or have accessibility needs.

GLYDR has also revealed intentions to provide complete international shipping due to a significant increase in demand, enabling gamers and users worldwide to access its services. The Kickstarter campaign for the GLYDR foot controller will remain accessible until February 29, 2024. To contribute to the campaign, please click here.

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