Popular VR game Synth Riders revamped for Apple Vision Pro debut

Kluge Interactive has redeveloped its popular VR rhythm game, Synth Riders, for the new Apple Vision Pro. The game is available on Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service. The revamped version features an audio-reactive spatial environment with over 70 songs from a variety of genres. It features a fresh look and feel an updated user experience, and the ability to switch from a portal to a retro-futuristic world in your physical environment and a fully immersive experience.

Hold onto your headphones, music lovers! The acclaimed VR rhythm game, Synth Riders, is back with a dazzling makeover for Apple’s groundbreaking Vision Pro system. This exclusive revamp, available on Apple Arcade, promises to catapult the already immersive dance experience to new heights. Get ready to be whisked away by audio-reactive environments that transform with every beat, from neon-drenched corridors pulsing to the rhythm to starfields shimmering with each note. Move your body to a genre-bending soundtrack, featuring over 70 electrifying tunes ranging from synthwave to rock, all while sporting a sleek and stylish visual upgrade.

Apple Vision Pro’s intuitive hand-tracking controls offer seamless gameplay, making it a breeze for both VR veterans and first-time riders to jump in and start grooving. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Choose between two reality modes: dive into full immersion and lose yourself completely in the world of Synth Riders, or opt for the portal mode, seamlessly blending the game with your surroundings for a unique mixed reality experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rhythm game pro or just looking for a fun and energizing way to move your body, Synth Riders on Apple Vision Pro is set to become your new go-to groove session. So, put on your dancing shoes (or grab your controllers!), crank up the volume, and prepare to be swept away by the irresistible rhythm waves in this exciting new chapter of Synth Riders!

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