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Price history for Valve Index Full VR Kit (Latest Release) (Includes Headset, Base Stations, & Controllers)
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  • $1,677.97 - December 29, 2023
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  • $1,415.48 - December 13, 2023
  • $1,685.97 - December 7, 2023
  • $1,677.97 - December 6, 2023
  • $1,699.95 - December 3, 2023
Since: August 1, 2023
  • Highest Price: $1,699.95 - December 3, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $1,359.97 - October 1, 2023


Undeniably, the Valve Index stands out as an exceptional VR headset, reigning as the finest on the market with its unparalleled display resolution and refresh rate.

The Valve Index, developed by Valve Software, the creators of Half-Life and owners of the Steam platform, made its debut in 2019, presenting virtual reality enthusiasts with a top-tier gateway to an immersive world. Unlike the wireless VR trend promoted by headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, the Index follows a wired approach, necessitating a connection to a powerful PC for operation. It distinguishes itself by opting for Base Stations rather than inside-out tracking. These Base Stations are strategically positioned in a room of your choice, directed at your play area to accurately track and mirror even the most intricate movements within the virtual environment.

  • Superb ergonomics
  • Revolutionary finger-tracking controllers
  • Unparalleled library of great VR games

  • There are cheaper options to get into virtual reality, but they come with compromises
  • A new iteration could be on the way


Resolution, colors and frame rates

Valve’s first foray into the world of VR introduces an impressive resolution of 1,440 by 1,600 pixels per eye. While it may not quite match the sharpness of HP Reverb (as indicated in the review), the Valve Index outperforms Oculus’ current PC headset, the Rift S, in terms of visual clarity.

Despite employing LC (liquid crystal) displays, the colors exhibited by the Valve Index are remarkably impressive. When exploring vibrant VR titles, the headset presents a rich and immersive picture. Notably, the Index achieves decent black levels, elevating the experience of venturing into the vast outer space of games like “Elite: Dangerous.”

Field of view, sweet spot and eye distance

The Valve Index boasts a significantly wider field of view compared to Oculus headsets, HTC Vive, Cosmos, or HP Reverb. Valve specifies a range of up to 130 degrees, which may vary depending on the settings and the individual’s face shape.

The broader field of view of the Valve Index brings forth numerous benefits during VR simulations. Users can have a greater number of instruments in their view, enhancing the immersive experience. In virtual cinema environments, one can enjoy the entire screen without needing to change seats, resulting in a more comfortable and engaging viewing experience. Moreove, the Valve Index has made significant strides in reducing the “tube effect” that was present in earlier headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The Index’s field of view is now comparable to that of ski goggles, providing a more natural and less constricted visual experience.

Valve Index: Comfort, sound and cable connection

The Valve Index is equipped with two integrated ear speakers positioned a few inches from the ears, providing exceptional sound quality that surpasses even the Deluxe Audio Strap for the Vive.

The unique open design, with the speakers floating in front of the ears instead of resting on them, significantly enhances comfort without compromising on sound quality. However, a drawback is that nearby individuals can also hear the audio.

Similar to the HTC Vive, the Valve Index relies on three ports for power: a power connector, a USB 3.0, and a DisplayPort. Unlike the Vive, the Index does not include a separate distribution box; instead, all cables directly connect to the VR headset itself.

Valve Index review: The best VR controllers?

Valve’s Index stands out as a high-resolution VR headset, delivering remarkable comfort and impressive sound quality. However, the true highlight of this VR set lies in its Index controllers.

These controllers offer exceptional usability, as they can be securely attached to the hands using adjustable straps, ensuring they won’t fall off even when your hands are open. While third-party suppliers do offer a mount for upgrading the Oculus Touch controllers, Valve’s solution is seamlessly integrated into the Index controllers themselves. The strap can be effortlessly fixed into place by pulling it snug, and to release the tension, a simple button press is all it takes. Additionally, below the analog stick, users can conveniently adjust the position of the strap to fit their hand size, with four different customizable settings.

Video Review

Review conclusion for Valve Index: The best current VR headset

Valve has truly delivered an exceptional high-end VR headset with the Valve Index. Undoubtedly, it currently reigns as the finest PC VR headset for enthusiasts, provided they have the necessary budget and willingness to invest a little more effort into tracking.

The displays offer a remarkable high resolution, presenting crisp and vibrant colors with variable frame rates for a captivating visual experience. Thanks to the mechanical adjuster of the interpupillary distance, users can perfectly align the lenses to their unique facial contours. The integrated audio solution delivers excellent sound quality, and combined with the outstanding wearing comfort and slightly wider field of view, it becomes an even more enticing option.

The cable is sufficiently long and flexible, making room-scale VR applications a breeze. The Index controllers showcase innovation and user-friendliness, particularly with the analog stick that adds to their versatility. The SteamVR tracking system is impressively precise and reliable, just as it is in the HTC Vive.

However, due to the external tracking system, the Valve Index does have its limitations when it comes to portability. It’s less convenient to quickly move the VR headset from one location to another, like taking it to a friend’s house or the living room.

Moreover, the Valve Index offers a plethora of features, but it comes at a price; the total package, including the VR headset, controllers, and tracking system, costs 1,080 Euros.

In conclusion, while the Valve Index isn’t VR 2.0, it undoubtedly represents an outstanding upgrade and serves as a successful culmination of the first generation of VR headsets.


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