Meta Quest 3: The best VR fitness games 2024

Mobile VR headsets like Meta Quest 3 are the ideal platform for exercise-intensive games. Find out which VR fitness games are perfect for shedding a few pounds.

The Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise is currently researching the correlation between physical activity and virtual reality games. The incorporation of body movement in virtual adventures can greatly contribute to your overall well-being.

Since 2017, the institute has been engaged in research on how Virtual Reality affects the physical well-being of individuals. The researchers are developing “exercise ratings” that outline the amount of calories burned while playing specific VR games and the corresponding type of physical activity.

In the given list, we mention the data derived from the Exercise Ratings and estimations made by the VR fitness platform VR Fitness Insider. However, any codes or math formulas are not present in the text. Starting from update 23.0, Meta Quest headsets include a dedicated fitness tracker. When utilizing VR applications on the Quest, the Move app calculates your level of physical activity and provides an estimate of calories burned. It allows you to establish customized fitness objectives and monitor your advancements.

To help you find the right VR workout plan to keep you fit and healthy, here are the best fitness games of 2024 in alphabetical order for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro.


Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

Audioshield is a VR classic and a great pioneer of rhythmic VR games. It was released for the wireless Quest in April 2020 — exactly four years after its launch on the HTC Vive. You use colored shields to fend off glowing bullets or avoid obstacles. What makes Audioshield special is that you can load your own songs into the game.

Audio Trip

Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

If you enjoy both Beat Saber and Dance Central, then Audio Trip for Meta Quest is the perfect game for you. This game offers a combination of quick-paced rhythms and glowing balls that will get you moving and perspiring. Additionally, the visual effects are stunning, as demonstrated in the gameplay trailer. The choreography in the game was crafted by a professional dancer. Once you have completed all the available songs, you can utilize the built-in level editor to design your very own virtual reality dances.

Players have the ability to modify the hues of the stones, and there are additional tools available to finely adjust the sound effects. Moreover, players can flaunt their abilities by creating personalized songs and choreography, and compete globally through a leaderboard.

Audio Trip has been enhanced with multiple expansions. The “Get Funky” expansion introduces fresh dance routines, three funk songs, and additional environments. The “Make this your Audio Trip” update offers various customization options, while the “Swanky Song Pack” introduces new music.

Beat Saber

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

Beat Saber remains one of the most popular VR games on Meta Quest 3, and the developers regularly release updates and song packs to keep the rhythmic lightsaber action fresh. With the launch of Meta Quest 2, a free Beat Saber multiplayer mode was added.

The free song pack OST 4 followed in 2021, with main composer Jaroslav Beck focusing on guitars and metal songs. Beat Saber runs in 90 Hz mode since update 1.13.2. Crossplay and app sharing support has also been implemented. If you share your quest with other users, they can now save their own scores and highscores. In addition, Quest and SteamVR players can now swing their lightsabers together in multiplayer mode. The latest expansion is the Hip-Hop Song Pack.

Beat the Beats

Price: Free demo (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: n/a

Beat the Beats is a challenging VR fitness and rhythm game that combines boxing moves with an indie soundtrack and a built-in world leaderboard. The full version is currently only available for PSVR 2, but conversions for PC and Meta Quest are planned. A free demo is already available in the Quest Store.

The mechanics of the game are reminiscent of Beat Saber and its various imitations. Your objective is to strike light green and purple panels that move towards you in sync with the music using boxing techniques. The direction of the panels changes based on the types of punches you throw, like jabs or uppercuts. Meanwhile, there are also red snake-like triangles approaching you, which you must skillfully dodge with upper body movements.

Creed — Rise to Glory

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

If you’re looking for a one-on-one boxing experience, look no further than Creed – Rise to Glory. The licensed title for the continuation of the Hollywood franchise Rocky is also strongly staged on the Oculus/Meta Quest (2).

Participants can enjoy engaging in mini workouts led by Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character, Rocky Balboa, while also engaging in high-energy boxing matches within a virtual cardio session. Additionally, individuals seeking a challenge can join multiplayer events to compete against other human players controlling VR boxers.

The developer studio introduced the Endurance mode last year through an update, which is connected to Oculus Move. This mode disables the virtual stamina system in the game, allowing your character to remain untired until you become tired. VR Healthy conducted a study that shows this new mode enhances the workout experience in Creed: Rise to Glory. Additionally, hand-tracking support is now available in the game.

Dance Central

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: approx. 360 kcal/hr. (estimate)

If Beat Saber lacks dance elements, Dance Central is a better choice. In Dance Central, you learn complete choreographies with a virtual instructor. You move your hips to a variety of 32 songs from various genres. The game also offers a multiplayer lounge where you can socialize with other players and simply dance to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, Dance Central has a built-in fitness tracker that keeps you updated on calories burned during dance sessions.

Fitness One XR Evolved

Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
The calorie consumption is not applicable.

Fitness One XR Evolved is one of the most versatile VR fitness games around. Focusing on classic exercises such as push-ups, leg lifts and crunches in a variety of environments, it is ideal for those looking for traditional fitness training in VR.

You have the option to customize your workout plans by selecting from various categories like strength and endurance. The animated VR trainers provide thorough demonstrations of each exercise, enabling you to closely mimic their movements.


The cost is $9.99 per month when purchasing from the Quest Store.
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

BoxVR was one of the first VR games designed purely as a fitness program. The creators worked with professional trainers to develop a series of VR workouts. It’s less about shadow boxing and more about rhythm and coordination. Driving beats motivate you to work your arms, shoulders, and chest.

FitXR, formerly BoxVR, underwent a significant update and complete redesign in the summer of 2020.

FitXR has now moved to a paid fitness subscription model. For just under ten Dollars a month, you get access to hundreds of fitness classes that are updated daily. The focus is on boxing, HIIT, sculpt and dance workouts. There is also a Zumba class and a mixed reality mode for FitXR. If you just want to check it out, there is a 7-day free trial.

I have thoroughly examined the various courses offered by FitXR and shared my personal experiences in my comprehensive review.

Les Mills Bodycombat

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: n/a

In a similar vein to FitXR — but without a subscription model — is Les Mills Bodycombat. The fitness chain of the same name offers its special martial arts-based classes at licensed studios worldwide and is growing in popularity. With the Quest app, VR athletes can now work out, too.

FitXR’s boxing classes primarily target the upper body, whereas Les Mills Bodycombat engages the entire body through knee strikes, diagonal hammer punches, and uppercuts executed from a squatting stance. Throughout all thirty classes, two certified fitness instructors will provide guidance and support, leading you through the exercises and ensuring proper form.

The levels of difficulty are suitable for both beginners and advanced individuals, and they always present a great challenge. Ben shared his experience with Les Mills Bodycombat in his column, Mixed on Monday, and revealed that it can be quite demanding.

Les Mills XR Dance

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: n/a

Les Mills XR Dance combines dance with aerobics. With over 25 classes, three levels of difficulty and holographic instructors, it offers a varied and motivating workout. The choreographies are divided into the genres pop, club, vibe and jam and are accompanied by over 40 songs, all from the electro label Monstercat.

I’ve already tried Les Mills XR Dance, and I’m impressed with the fitness-oriented dance in VR. The workouts involve the whole body, and ideally, you achieve a flow where you automatically hit the targets. The trainers move in front of you as holograms during the sessions, so the dance moves are always clearly visible.


Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: approx. 400 kcal / hr.

OhShape is another rhythm game that involves the whole body. Instead of glowing bullets, however, you will be confronted with walls. The walls have cut out postures that you have to assume exactly like this. This sounds relatively simple, but at higher speeds – combined with hitting and dodging obstacles – it becomes a sweaty VR workout.

Initially, you have twelve levels to select from, and the developer assures consistent updates with new content. The most recent update, “The Electro Party,” included eight extra songs, fresh environments, and the Challenges feature. This feature enables you to compete with OhShape players globally in two challenges each week. Additionally, a mixed reality mode has been introduced.

Pistol Whip

Price: $29.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 360 – 480 kcal/hr.

Pistol Whip is a unique game that combines elements of rail shooting, rhythm gameplay, and the intense atmosphere of John Wick. Set to the electrifying tunes of Apashe, HVDES, and Black Tiger Sex Machine, you’ll be shooting, hitting, and annihilating your targets in a virtual world. As you progress to more challenging levels and engage in physical movements, you can also expect to burn calories similar to playing tennis.

After its initial launch in 2019, the developers have introduced numerous additional levels and updates. One notable addition is the inclusion of a mini-campaign in Pistol Whip 2089. For the first time, players are immersed in a scenario where they find themselves marooned on a deserted planet, engaging in battles against robots and an artificial intelligence.

The second short-term mission, Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder, immerses you in a Wild West setting and introduces a new element known as “Styles” to the game. This feature enables you to mix and match various weapons and modifiers, enhancing the game’s replayability.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 240 – 360 kcal/hr.

The developers of Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR collaborated with professional athletes to create an authentic gaming experience. Players are given the option to select between simulation or arcade mode and can even engage in online multiplayer matches where they can strike each other’s plastic balls.

Racket: NX

Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 240 – 360 kcal/hr.

With Racket:NX, you can expect a VR game that is one of the best titles ever on the Oculus Quest (2). With its 360-degree physics, the game is made for the freedom of movement of the wireless VR glasses.

From November 2020 onwards, Oculus and SteamVR players have been able to enjoy a cross-platform co-op mode. This year, an added level editor and Group Launch feature have made it more convenient to invite friends to play multiplayer games. The recent release of version 7.1.2 of Racket:NX includes support for 120 Hz on Quest VR glasses.

Smash Drums

Price: $19.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: n/a

Smash Drums is a rhythm game with a difference. Instead of destroying flying blocks, you bang on drums and try your hand at being a virtual drummer on the Meta/Oculus Quest 2. There are a total of thirty rock songs to choose from, which you’ll have to master at varying levels of difficulty. Various modifiers, such as a 360-degree mode or disturbing flying objects, make the whole thing more difficult.

Multiplayer fans can compete in co-op or Versus modes with up to eight participants at the same time. There is still no measurement of the calorie consumption of the VR Health Institute for Smash Drums. But I can tell you from my experience that rocking drums in VR can be extremely sweaty. Developer PotamWorks is busy delivering new content such as the Hard Rock Legends and Punk Rock Legends song packs.

Superhot VR

Price: $24.99 (Quest Store)
The amount of calories burned ranges from 120 to 240 kcal per hour.

At first glance, Superhot VR may not appear to be a particularly physically demanding game. However, those familiar with Neo’s acrobatics in the Matrix can perhaps envision the potential for working up a sweat while playing.

In Superhot VR, your objective is to combat red enemies who are determined to eliminate you in the virtual world. The unique aspect is that time only progresses when you are in motion. To survive, you must carefully strategize your movements to evade enemy attacks and effectively eliminate them. This leads to highly immersive battles, showcasing impressive fight sequences with an undeniable level of coolness and physical intensity.

Superhot Team has at last released an update for the VR goggles, known as the Boxing Day update. This update brings with it a range of exciting new features, including a festive soundtrack, an endless level, and an improved scoring system.


The monthly cost for the Quest Store is $9.99.
Calorie consumption: 600 – 780 kcal/hr.

Developer Within is venturing into fitness subscription with Supernatural. After the free trial month, you get full-body workouts for a monthly fee of $19 or an annual Supernatural savings subscription, moral support from real fitness coaches and a detailed evaluation of your fitness values and successes. Supernatural collects this data via an additional app.

You will also exercise outdoors in virtual reality (VR) simulation of nature while enjoying music from renowned artists such as Lady Gaga and Panic! At The Disco. Currently, the subscription model is limited to North America due to licensing concerns. Nevertheless, the developers are actively working on making it available in other countries. Supernatural recently experienced a significant reduction in price.

Synth Riders

Price: $24.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: approx. 240 – 360 kcal/hr.

The concept of the Synth Riders game shares similarities with Beat Saber and Audio Trip. Players hit balls of different colors in tune with the intense beats. The visuals and audio have a nostalgic 80s vibe. The arenas feature a neon retro-futuristic aesthetic, and the soundscape primarily consists of synth-wave and electro music.

Fans of Synth Riders can anticipate frequent updates from the developers. Apart from different collections of songs, the virtual reality game has already undergone expansions such as the addition of a 360-degree mode, a multiplayer mode with a global leaderboard, and a mixed reality mode.

Thrill of the Fight!

Price: $9.99 (Quest Store)
Calorie consumption: 480 – 600 kcal/hr.

With “The Thrill of the Fight!” a PC VR classic has made it to the Oculus Quest (2). If you want to burn calories with the VR goggles, you can’t get around the virtual boxing simulation. The VR Health Institute measures a consumption of up to 600 kcal per hour. Twitter announced developer Ian Fitz, who developed the game single-handedly, a sequel to the VR boxing classic with multiplayer.

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