VR training platform MOONHUB raises $1.4M

 MOONHUB, an investment of USD $1.4 million (GBP £1.1 million) has been announced by, an interactive virtual reality (VR) training platform. The investment is led by Danish VC Unconventional Ventures.

The company has raised a total of USD $4.5 million (GBP £3.57 million) with this recent investment. Pi Labs and Ada Ventures have continued their support from previous investments. MOONHUB plans to allocate the funds towards product development and expanding into new markets.

Launched in 2016 MOONHUB aims to reshape learning and development through its CPD-accredited immersive VR learning experiences and patented “Spot and Jot” technology.

MOONHUB claims that its platform encompasses a range of industries including facilities management, security, and social care. They argue that this platform creates a hands-on learning environment by simulating real-world scenarios. Additionally, they state that this approach is secure, cost-effective, and reduces the need for physical resources. The platform also provides valuable information on employee skills and performance, allowing managers to base their decisions on data.

MOONHUB has received support from various renowned organizations, such as Just Eat, BNP Paribas, Amazon, Zurich, Warner Brothers, and Anglian Care, to facilitate its global workforce.

MOONHUB’s VR technology helps to streamline remote training, offering flexibility and accessibility to employees across diverse locations. This adaptable approach provides a more efficient and effective training delivery, and ensures a seamless learning experience, regardless of geographical barriers.

CEO and founder Dami Hastrup expressed their thoughts on the funding, stating that 2024 will be a pivotal year for MOONHUB. Over the past few years, they have dedicated themselves to reaching this point and becoming a prominent force in immersive training. Their focus is on collaborating with international brands that aim to enhance their teams’ progress through the integration of innovative technologies. With this investment, they are accelerating their business growth and solidifying their presence in different industries such as insurance, security, and social care, primarily with their product ELARA.

Hastrup also mentioned that the dementia care virtual reality (VR) training provided by MOONHUB has been highly approved, with a 98% rating. This has not only provided reassurance to the families of care patients, but also made professionals working with patients feel more equipped, appreciated, and linked.

“We chose to invest in MOONHUB because we are impact investors who are driven by the urgent need to reduce the skills gap and recognize the significant social impact it has. Nora Bavey, Founder and General Partner at Unconventional Ventures, stated that the potential impact of VR technology on the global economy proves our belief in MOONHUB’s ability to bring about transformation in the training industry, particularly in areas like healthcare. By making high-quality education accessible to everyone and overcoming geographical barriers, MOONHUB promotes inclusivity, provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, equips workers with new skills, and improves their employability.”

For more information on MOONHUB and its interactive VR training platform, please visit the company’s website.

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