TRU Simulation introduces the Veris VR flight simulator with Varjo headset

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TRU Simulation presents the Veris VR flight simulator, offering enhanced pilot training with improved realism and efficiency.

TRU Simulation introduced the Veris Virtual Reality Flight Simulator at the HAI Heli-Expo. It provides a cost-effective and innovative solution for helicopter and airplane pilot training.

Veris provides a platform with six degrees of freedom, powered by electricity, which replicates the authentic sensation of flight through motion and vibration. The exclusive REALFeel system from TRU, along with tactile cockpit panels, ensures the essential haptic feedback and lifelike pilot engagement with aircraft controls and avionics.

Search and rescue missions, smoke and fire, medical emergencies, offshore operations, night flights, cargo and long-haul flights, military and defense, and much more can be simulated in the VR environments. High-end VR headsets from Varjo are used, such as the Varjo XR-3, which has a resolution of 1,920 × 1,920 pixels per eye and offers a horizontal field of view of 115 degrees at a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

The Veris flight simulator is created to provide complete flight simulation and adheres to the flight training device standards set by FAA Level 7 and EASA Level 3. FAA and EASA certifications are currently underway. Bell Training Academy is expected to be the initial customer to utilize the simulator for training on the Bell 505 helicopter in the upcoming months.

Virtual reality and flight simulators complement each other flawlessly.

TRU Simulation’s Veris flight simulator is not the only advanced flight simulator using Virtual Reality. The US Federal Aviation Administration is already testing VR in pilot training, and Vrgineers and Lockheed Martin have jointly developed a Mixed Reality flight simulator for military training. This tiny flight simulator was also developed by Czech specialists.

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