Brilliant Labs announces new ‘Frame’ Multimodal AI glasses

Brilliant LabsA company that creates AI glasses, has revealed the release of its ‘Frame’ glasses that have a built-in AI assistant with multiple functions. The announcement has gained support from Niantic CEO John Hanke, who is a well-known investor and pioneer in the field of augmented reality.

The frame provides a convenient way to utilize advanced AI technology, allowing users to enhance their intelligence effortlessly. This cutting-edge solution is contained in a sleek and compact design resembling fashionable eyeglasses.

Brilliant Labs stated that Frame introduces a new, alternative way of interacting with the physical world, which is enhanced by an always-on AI assistant called “Noa.” Powered by an integrated multimodal generative AI system that can run multiple AI models at the same time, Noa is capable of conducting real-world visual processing, novel image generation, and real-time speech recognition and translation, according to the company.

Noa – Frame’s Multimodal AI Assistant

Noa utilizes a “privacy-preserving knowledge graph” to examine combined interactions between the user and AI assistant. This allows Noa to provide a personalized user experience and develop its own unique personality.

Tasks and requests may involve condensing a book page into bullet points and then translating the text from a foreign language into a desired language; organizing a whiteboard session into a document that can be shared with colleagues; determining a suitable off-the-shelf ointment for a specific skin condition; and providing recommendations on the ideal daily consumption of coffee, considering its nutritional value or caffeine content per cup.

Users can even fully leverage the glasses’ built-in multimodal generative AI capabilities, meaning that  Frame can orchestrate multiple AI systems to work together to complete more advanced tasks. For instance, by combining GPT4 with Frame’s front-facing sensors, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), microphone, and knowledge graph, these systems can join forces to visually and acoustically measure emotional sentiment and facial cues, according to Brilliant Labs.

“Frame truly offers a new paradigm in the way humans interface with the digital world, and with each other. Noa, a new kind of AI virtual assistant, empowers users to engage more with the world around them, not less. Our hope is that Frame enables people to connect in entirely new ways, and opens up new experiences in everyday life, the workplace, the classroom, and more. This is the unique promise of bringing generative AI in front of the human eye,” said Bobak Tavangar, CEO and Co-founder of Brilliant Labs.

CEO and Co-founder of Brilliant Labs, Bobak Tavangar.

Real-Time Search in Partnership with Perplexity

Brilliant Labs has also announced a partnership with Perplexity to rethink and redefine the traditional notion of a search engine in the age of AI-enhanced glasses. Powered by online Large Language Models (LLMs), Perplexity references the most recent web data (unlike other GPT models).

Its conversational AI-powered answer engine can then respond to spoken queries “near-instantaneously,” and is able to provide information based on even the most recent events, allowing Frame users to access real-time, reliable information from the web on-the-go or hands-free within any setting.

Brilliant Labs used the example of using Frame glasses with Noa’s multimodal capabilities to search for price checks on in-store items by simply eyeballing an article of clothing, which Perplexity will then instantly compare to prices on Amazon.

Aravind Srinivas, CEO and Founder of Perplexity, expressed his enthusiasm about incorporating Perplexity’s real-time answer engine into Brilliant Labs’ Frame, which will contribute to the development of innovative wearables and new devices that will shape the future of human/AI interaction.

Frame’s Features: Designed to Be Indistinguishable From Eyeglasses

The frame is a set of eyeglasses that can fully substitute the glasses worn by the user daily. Additionally, it provides the advantage of having a built-in personal assistant. The frame has a lightweight and fashionable design that looks just like regular eyewear. According to the company, some of Frame’s features include:

  • Lightweight AI Glasses The frame of the device weighs just 39 grams, which is as light as a regular pair of eyeglasses. However, it is also sturdy and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.
  • Vivid Display – Frame’s high-resolution vivid display boasts 3,000 nits of brightness;
  • Front-Facing Spatial Camera – Frame integrates a low-power machine vision camera that accurately captures and interprets the world around the user;
  • Integrated Microphone – Users can manage or communicate with their AI assistant using voice commands, allowing for a hands-free interaction.
  • Multimodal AI – Wirelessly connects to a phone through Bluetooth 5 to support simultaneous generative AI inputs from Perplexity, Stability AI, GPT4, and Whisper to offer advanced solutions to real-world problems;
  • 6DoF IMU – Centrally located within the nose bridge, an advanced 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) provides Frame with a three acceleration axis and three compass axis, which can be used for menu navigation, step counting, directions and more;
  • Custom Prescription Optics – Prescription lenses, in partnership with AddOptics, can be ‘Precision Bonded’ to Frame using a unique optical lens casting process.

Frame will follow the footsteps of its predecessor, Monocle, which was the company’s previous AI-embedded device. Monocle sold out completely of its first orders and as a result, Brilliant Labs stated that it will focus solely on the sales and availability of Frame for both consumers and developers.

Starting today, you can pre-order Frame for $349. Brilliant Labs announced that shipping will commence in April 2024. Brilliant Labs announced that the recent funding received from Niantic CEO John Hanke has brought their total funding commitments to USD $6 million. To explore further about Brilliant Labs and their Frame AI glasses, kindly click here on the company’s website.

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