Rokid and Hainan Airlines collaborate to provide augmented reality (AR) experiences during flights.

Rokid, a provider of augmented reality (AR) technologies, has announced that it has partnered with China-based Hainan Airlines to launch the world’s first in-flight augmented reality (AR) experience.

Yesterday, passengers traveling from Shenzhen to Xi’an had a special surprise on their Hainan Airlines flight HU7874. AR glasses from Rokid were placed at their seats, providing them with a unique and immersive entertainment experience. These glasses allowed passengers to enjoy 3D films on a borderless screen that measured 360 inches. The films had a high resolution of 1080P and a refresh rate of 120Hz, giving the feeling of having a personal cinema at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

Rokid has announced a partnership that will revolutionize in-flight entertainment. Over 20 Hainan Airlines flights will now feature Rokid AR Entertainment Kits, providing passengers with a unique in-flight experience. These kits will include preloaded 3D offline movies for passengers to enjoy.

Starting today and lasting for over a month, the initiative aims to enhance the air travel experience for passengers by implementing the latest technology from Rokid to improve their journeys.

Rokid stated that in order to ensure a smooth viewing experience, its team conducted extensive device testing and selected five of the latest films suitable for viewing during the Lunar New Year.

Rokid claims that their AR Glasses are specifically created for comfort, with a weight of just 75g. These glasses have a battery life of up to five hours, allowing users to watch three full movies without interruption. Additionally, they come with dual directional speakers which provide high-quality sound without causing any disturbance to others.

Rokid announced a partnership that represents a major step forward in revolutionizing the conventional in-flight entertainment scene. This collaboration aims to provide passengers with an unprecedented immersive experience during their journey. With the ongoing advancements in technology, air travel is expected to offer more customized and varied experiences for flyers in the future.

A representative from Hainan Airlines also stated: “Hainan Airlines sees this partnership as a significant move towards improving service quality and enhancing customer satisfaction. Through joining forces with top companies like Rokid, Hainan Airlines aims to work together in exploring the vast potential of AR technology in the aviation industry, establishing new standards for exceptional, technologically advanced, and customer-focused flight experiences.”

Rokid has expressed its intentions to broaden the utilization of its AR technology in aviation. This expansion aims to incorporate real-time interactive games and virtual tours, which Rokid believes will be more achievable with the ongoing enhancement of infrastructure like 5G networks and cloud computing.

For further information on Rokid and its augmented reality entertainment solutions, feel free to explore the company’s website.

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