Darksword: Battle Eternity Review

Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling journey into chaos and stunning violence?

Created by Com2uS ROCA, Darksword: Battle Eternity aims to provide a complex combination of RPG and action within a virtual reality environment. This game invites you to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing and captivating world where each level is a fierce battle, and each battle brings you closer to the ultimate confrontation with a boss. However, does it achieve RPG perfection or remain stagnant at the initial stage? Let’s discover. Click here to get it on Steam Store.

Elevate Combat

Darksword has a distinct game design where you advance through levels like climbing a demonic tower filled with violence. Each level is filled with enemies that you must defeat before moving up to face the boss. Initially, this feels exciting, but the game soon starts to feel more like a wave-based brawler rather than the immersive RPG it claims to be.

The combat system is highly intuitive and impressive. By simply gripping your bow hand, a bow magically appears. The same applies to your sword, resulting in a seamless combat experience. Additionally, there are RPG elements incorporated, allowing you to acquire or create stronger weapons as you progress in rank. However, it is apparent that this system serves more as a tribute to RPG mechanics rather than a fully developed feature. Utilizing the teleport function, you can execute a dash attack, stunning nearby enemies and providing an opportunity to strike. Furthermore, collecting a perk enhances the power of your dashes, enabling them to inflict damage on enemies.

darksword battle eternity meta quest review

When it comes to benefits, you have the opportunity to choose one after finishing every level. The choices vary from increased damage to improved armor, and even include thrilling arrow varieties such as flame, ice, or bolt arrows. One particularly enjoyable option is the magical swords perk, where ethereal swords autonomously cause chaos among your foes.

Remember to consider the charming creatures you can choose to join you in fights. They offer not only emotional encouragement but also occasionally showcase delightful dances, bringing a playful and enchanting element to the otherwise intense combat setting.

Pixel Perfection

The graphics on the Oculus Quest 2 in Darksword are truly remarkable. The textures are highly detailed, the environmental geometry is intricate, and the enemy design is impressive. However, this focus on visuals has resulted in a lack of enemy variety and quantity, making the game visually stunning but less challenging in terms of gameplay.

darksword battle eternity meta quest review

Sound Bites

For a game that nails its visual aspects, the audio is a bit of a letdown. The background music seems to be stuck on repeat and becomes monotonous quickly. On the bright side, the weapon sound effects are sharp and satisfying, and the voice acting, while not award-winning, adds a layer of gravitas to your journey.

darksword battle eternity meta quest review

Dark Issues

Although Darksword’s visuals and combat mechanics are impressive, it is unfortunately burdened with significant problems that cannot be ignored. The game presents itself as an RPG but disappointingly fails to provide a fully immersive role-playing experience.

As previously stated, the graphics are impressive, but it becomes evident why. The game always presents a maximum of 3 or 4 enemies at once.

darksword battle eternity meta quest review

The difficulty progression in Darksword can be quite frustrating. Although you can obtain weapons that make it simple to defeat regular enemies on each floor, these same weapons often prove ineffective against the bosses. This imbalance requires you to enhance your weapons to a point where regular enemies become easy to defeat, all in anticipation of a challenging boss battle. In essence, the significant difference in difficulty between bosses and regular enemies leads to an uneven gameplay experience.

darksword battle eternity meta quest review

Also, there’s the matter of skin choices. Two options are given for free (male or female), but additional skins come with a $9.99 price tag. For a game that already falls short in other areas, this feels like a needless cash grab.

Boss Verdict

Darksword: Battle Eternity is comparable to a beautiful painting with a few noticeable imperfections. It stands out with its impressive visuals and includes enjoyable gameplay elements like magical swords and cute creatures. However, it falls short in providing a cohesive and captivating RPG experience. It’s more of a casual affair rather than a deep commitment, visually appealing but potentially frustrating. Is it worth the investment? That choice is up to you.

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