Syntech unveils new line of XR accessories at AWE USA 2024

SyntechA company, which specializes in digital accessories for XR products, has introduced its latest collection of VR/MR accessories at the AWE USA 2024 event. In this showcase, the company presented its new headstrap options for XR devices, revealing the ‘Comfy Headstrap’ for Meta Quest 3 and the ‘Auxiliary Headstrap’ for Apple Vision Pro. This was the first time these accessories were made available to the public.

Established in 2017, Syntech creates a range of tech accessories for devices including the Meta Quest 3, Pico 4, Steam Deck, and ROG Ally, offering products such as head straps, controller grip covers, hard carrying cases, link cables, docking stations, and more.

Enhanced Comfort for Mixed Reality

Both Syntech’s Comfy Headstrap for Quest 3 and Auxiliary Headstrap for Vision Pro are designed to enhance comfort for users during longer mixed reality gaming and working sessions. Syntech presented the following accessories at AWE USA this week, along with the two new headstraps.

    1. XR Cross Body Bag
      • Small and lightweight for convenient storage and transportation.
      • Distinctive, eye-catching aesthetic design.
      • Rugged and durable construction.
    2. Link Cable with Fast Charging
      • Advanced 18W PD fast charging interface.
      • Compatible with Quest 2 & 3 headsets.
      • Supports USB 3.0/2.5Gbps data transfer rates.
    3. Headstrap with Battery Pack for Quest 3
      • Enhances comfort and balanced weight distribution for Quest 3.
      • Flexible width and front/rear tightness adjustment.
      • The 10,000mAh battery provided has enough power to support 4-6 hours of VR usage.
    4. XR Hard Carrying Case
      • Stylish design featuring water-resistant and splash-proof materials for indoor and outdoor use.
      • Partitioned storage compartments for enhanced organization.
    5. XR Headset Backpack
      • Designed to accommodate a wide range of XR devices, including Apple Vision Pro, Oculus, Sony, HTC, and more.
      • Generous 20L capacity with 17 cleverly concealed compartments that ensure all essentials remain safe and organized.
    6. XR Power Bank Belt
      • Compatible with commonly used external battery packs.
      • Effortless organization of game controllers and personal belongings.
      • Breathable design that is compatible with Syntech’s ‘Tracker’ expansion.

The Syntech website will have these products up for sale in the latter part of 2024, as mentioned by the company.

“I am delighted to have participated in AWE USA 2024, and the response we received from everyone who visited our booth has been extremely positive,” stated Armi Huang, CEO and co-founder of Syntech. “Having engaged with other XR industry players in Long Beach this week, we are now even more motivated to develop top-notch products for our customers. We are eager to start incorporating the valuable feedback we received from event attendees. In the second half of 2024, we have plans to introduce a wider range of accessories for leading virtual and mixed reality devices.”

Syntech stated that its mission has always been to revolutionize the digital accessories market by creating innovative products that enhance the way users consume digital content. The company added that it presence at AWE USA 2024 this week helped to underscore its commitment to enhancing the VR experience for businesses and consumers alike. For more information and to browse Syntech’s wide range of VR and gaming accessories, click here.

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