SenseGlove announces worldwide shipping of Nova 2 haptic gloves

SenseGlove, a developer of force and haptic feedback gloves, has recently announced worldwide shipping of its SenseGlove Nova 2 haptic gloves.

How would you describe the SenseGlove Nova 2 haptic gloves?

SenseGlove claims that the Nova 2 is the sole set of wireless VR gloves available that offer feedback specifically on the palm of the hand. These innovative gloves incorporate three state-of-the-art haptic feedback technologies into a compact wireless design. They provide active contact feedback to simulate sensations of impacts and grasping, force-feedback to replicate the size and rigidity of virtual objects, and vibrotactile feedback to convey cues and simple textures.

Consequently, the glove not only limits the movement of fingers when interacting with virtual objects but also covers the entire palm, enabling users to experience a variety of sensations, such as breaking an egg or shaking hands.

Nova 2 is well suited to simulating feedback sensations, from power tools used in VR training (such as drills, saws and grinders, hammers, pliers), to rehabilitation tools or any other dynamic objects that come in contact with the palm.

SenseGlove Nova 2 for collaborative haptic experiences

SenseGlove’s Nova 2 brings a fresh element to social and multiplayer experiences. By wearing the glove, users can exchange high-fives with someone far away and sense the corresponding feedback, or even shake hands with a business associate and feel their grip in response.

What are the main characteristics of SenseGlove Nova 2?

Active Contact Feedback – The active haptic strap on the Nova 2 glove applies varying pressure to the user’s palm, creating an immersive experience during interactions with virtual objects;

Force-Feedback – Nova 2 incorporates four magnetic friction brakes dedicated to each finger, emulating the feeling of size and stiffness by restricting the finger’s movement;

Vibrotactile Feedback – An array of 4 haptic motors renders realistic button clicks, vibrations, basic textures and impact simulations for immersive virtual reality training. This even allows for the sensation of feeling water dripping on your hand;

Finger Tracking –Using advanced algorithms in conjunction with sensor-based finger tracking, Nova 2 accurately records the movements of the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. Additionally, it measures thumb abduction and adduction by tracking cable extension. In comparison to Nova 1, Nova 2 exhibits enhanced finger tracking capabilities, particularly offering 2 degrees of freedom for the index finger.

“We are excited to announce that the latest version of SenseGlove is now available to our wonderful customers, offering three different types of haptic feedback to enhance virtual reality interactions,” stated Frank Goovaerts, CEO of SenseGlove. “Our customers expressed their desire to experience the sensation of objects on their palms, akin to real-life encounters. After extensive engineering efforts, we successfully achieved this with the Nova 2, while ensuring that the gloves remain wireless and user-friendly.”

What is the price of the SenseGlove Nova 2?

The worldwide shipping of the SenseGlove Nova 2 is now available at a price of EUR €5,999. SenseGlove is offering bulk order discounts for this product. Similar to the original Nova glove, the Nova 2 is offered in three sizes and comes with detachable soft gloves that can be easily washed.

To obtain further details about SenseGlove or to buy the Nova 2, kindly visit the company’s official website.

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