Tencent Cloud and Metavision have forged a strategic partnership.

Xu Yiming, Vice President of Tencent Cloud (right), and Lo Chi Sum, Founder and Chairman of the board of Metavision (left).

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, has recently announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Shenzhen Metavision Technology Group Co., Ltd. (Metavision), a company dedicated to advancing the development and application of Metaverse technology. Metavision expressed its goal of speeding up the adoption of 3D virtual applications, pushing the boundaries in interactive virtual reality (VR) experiences, and collaboratively establishing a fresh ecosystem for the metaverse industry, along with other objectives, as part of the partnership.

What does the collaboration involve?

According to Tencent Cloud, the partnership aims to foster comprehensive collaboration in immersive interactive spaces and AI technology on a global scale with the deep integration of technologies.

Tencent Cloud will offer crucial infrastructure support and provide access to cutting-edge technologies such as audio & video processing, as well as AI capabilities such as AI-generated content (AIGC) solutions and others.

Using the technological solutions provided by Tencent Cloud, Metavision plans to grow its international business activities. This will involve concentrating on various areas such as XR applications, intelligent spatial interaction, 5G international e-sports live streaming, and e-commerce cloud exhibitions.

How does Metavision function?

Metavision utilizes its exclusive technology, combining spatial computing, digital space integration interaction, 3D interactive display, and AIGC technology. This enables the provision of virtual reality application services that allow three-dimensional interactive experiences.

Metavision, through its subsidiary Digi Verse, provides a unique spatial interaction engine named ‘Fox Engine’ and an advanced 3D digital conference system called ‘Fox Space.’ These technologies allow for smooth communication and interaction using voice and body movements. Additionally, Digi Verse intends to create consumer-focused applications utilizing head-mounted displays.

What does the partnership gain from Tencent Cloud’s contribution?

Tencent Cloud and Metavision have joined forces to establish a partnership. Tencent Cloud will offer dependable and secure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities to assist Metavision in constructing the foundational framework for systems like Fox Engine. Additionally, Tencent Cloud will support Metavision by providing 3D space modeling abilities to create immersive environments.

Furthermore, Tencent Cloud has announced its commitment to deliver extremely fast real-time communication for international users of Metavision’s immersive spatial intelligent interaction. This will be achieved through their real-time audio and video technologies, streaming media transmission capabilities, and chat functionalities. These advancements will support XR immersive interaction, along with 3D visual and interactive elements.

What contribution will AI have in the partnership?

In terms of artificial intelligence, Tencent Cloud will leverage its AI capabilities, including Tencent automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, text-to-speech (TTS) technology, and other AI-generated content (AIGC) solutions, to assist Metavision in meeting the needs of human-machine interaction and industrial AI quality inspection.

Tencent Cloud AI Digital Human is also set to assist Metavision in generating cartoon avatars of participants and AI assistance in immersive conferences and multi-user scenarios, including XR.

“Tencent Cloud looks forward to fully utilizing its global capabilities, audio & video capabilities, and technological advantages in the field of AI to assist Metavision in exploring and building more immersive 3D visual interactive experiences,” said Xu Yiming, Vice President of Tencent Cloud.

Lo Chi Sum, Founder and Chairman of the board of Metavision, said, “Our strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud will allow both parties to leverage both our respective technological advantages in 3D visual interaction and artificial intelligence, focusing on immersive interactive spaces and AI empowerment.”

To learn more about Metavision and its VR application services, click here. To learn more about Tencent Cloud and its cloud products and services, click here.

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