HARDI deploys RealWear Smart Glasses for remote assistance

RealWear Innomize has announced that HARDI International A/S, a manufacturer of advanced agricultural machinery, is now using RealWear Navigator 520 smart glasses and an after-sales concept to provide real-time remote technical support to their customers.

HARDI exports its offerings to farmers in over 100 countries and has a workforce of approximately 600 employees across the globe, with subsidiaries and production units spanning most continents. The company’s highly advanced agricultural machinery operates in harsh environments, and any maintenance outside of scheduled servicing is occasionally required, according to RealWear.

In instances when unexpected difficulties occur, the assistance of a technical service specialist from HARDI becomes necessary. In the past, these specialists had to make a physical trip to the site to address the problems, resulting in added expenses and customer downtime.

The RealWear Navigator 520

With increased downtime potentially causing significant impacts to farmers and the weather-dependent agriculture industry, HARDI wanted to limit this downtime for customers as much as possible. As a result, the company looked at various smart glasses to create a new workflow process where issues could be resolved remotely. Working with RealWear Gold Partner, Innomize, HARDI selected the RealWear Navigator 520.

Now, when assistance is required, on-site technicians wearing a RealWear Navigator 520 can connect remotely with a HARDI expert to view what the technician is seeing in real-time through video streaming. This enables experts to guide on-site technicians visually to solve the problem which is identified faster, and reduces downtime and intervention costs.

“We have deployed several RealWear devices to date in our initial phase of our global rollout”, commented Mads Ulrik Petersen, Aftermarket Manager at HARDI. “While we have used smart glasses internally in our technical service operations since 2021, we are now transitioning into a more commercial phase. HARDI now offers this solution to farmers and dealers allowing them to purchase the technology and receive faster technical support.”

The RealWear Navigator 520s being used by HARDI feature Remote Eye from Wideum, a remote video assistance software used in smart glasses. It enables both the technician and the expert to communicate hands-free. The software also incorporates an AI translator for multilingual communication, allowing users to speak in their native language, which then gets translated into another language in real time.

HARDI’s use of RealWear smart glasses establishes a standard for the agricultural sector and demonstrates the potential impact this technology can have on businesses operating in various international settings. Overcoming language barriers is a crucial factor, especially when dealing with customers in different regions. When addressed successfully, this challenge can greatly improve global operations. Helle Rosenberg, Business Development Specialist at Innomize, further emphasized the significance of this achievement.

Petersen emphasized the importance of farmers making a considerable investment in their complex and costly machines. These machines contain numerous electronics, and if any of these components are disrupted, the entire machine may become unusable. As a part of their strategy, they intend to include RealWear smart glasses with every purchase of specific models in their range.


You can find further details about RealWear and its smart glasses and remote assistance solutions by visiting the company’s official website.

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