Niantic 8th Wall Metaversal Deployment now supports Vision Pro

Niantic 8th Wall, the company behind Pokemon GO and augmented reality (AR) technologies, has expanded its Metaversal Deployment platform to now include compatibility with Apple Vision Pro. This update allows developers to create applications that can be used on both mobile devices and mixed reality headsets, specifically Apple Vision Pro.8th Wall platform – Niantic’s suite of augmented reality (AR) tools for the web.

Can you explain the concept of Metaversal Deployment?

According to Niantic, Metaversal Deployment “changes the way developers build and distribute spatial computing experiences.” Metaversal Deployment allows developers to create experiences for a multitude of platforms by providing a way to bridge the gap between devices in different ecosystems as mixed reality and spatial computing advances.

Originally launched in 2021 and updated in 2023 with pass-through support for devices like the Meta Quest 3, Niantic stated this latest extension to Apple Vision Pro capitalizes on the device’s WebVR capabilities. The update will now provide developers with an even more immersive platform to showcase their creativity.

How will Niantic’s WebVR tools work on Vision Pro?

Developers can still create immersive VR experiences using Vision Pro and Niantic’s tools, even though they do not have access to the browser camera on Apple devices, can create experiences that seamlessly transition from immersive real-world AR on mobile or pass-through devices like Meta Quest 3The company stated that they have transformed Vision Pro into a comprehensive VR environment.

A statement explaining that their approach to web-based AR and VR experiences allows for customized and synchronized experiences on various devices. In simpler terms, Niantic can create different but coordinated AR and VR experiences that take into consideration the specific features and capabilities of different devices basketball arcade samples, to demonstrate how these types of experiences can be used across different devices.

Can you explain the functioning of Face effects for Personas on Vision Pro?

One interesting aspect of this announcement from Niantic is that developers can now enhance the experiences even further by using 8th Wall’s Face Effects alongside Vision Pro’s Personas feature. Personas are Apple’s solution for creating a dynamic and authentic representation of the user while wearing Vision Pro. With the integration of 8th Wall Face Effects, these Personas can now seamlessly be incorporated into a WebXR experience, allowing Vision Pro users to enjoy face filters and other features, even while wearing a headset.

What does the implementation of Niantic’s Metaversal Deployment on Vision Pro imply for XR?

Niantic stated that WebAR and tools like Metaversal Deployment will be the key to bridging the landscape between AR and VR devices, and by incorporating Apple Vision Pro into its Metaversal Deployment, the company is not only expanding the technical capabilities of AR creation and deployment; but also inviting the developer community to push the creative envelope further.

For developers and creators interested in building for Apple Vision Pro with Niantic 8th Wall’s Metaversal Deployment platform, the company has provided several sample projects in its project library. New users can also sign up for a 14-day free trial.

To learn more about Niantic, its 8th Wall platform, and its augmented reality solutions for the web browser, please visit the company’s website.

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