The Google Pixel Watch 2 now features doublepoint gesture control for XR devices.

Doublepoint Technologies, a pioneer in the field of gesture detection technology., has recently announced the debut of an updated version of its popular ‘WowMouse’ gesture-touch control app for Android smartwatches.

statement from the company, the free application now has compatibility with Google’s Pixel Watch 2 successfully launched at CES in January, WowMouse achieved more than 30,000 downloads within a month from Samsung Galaxy users.

The WowMouse revolutionizes the way users engage with their smartwatches by converting them into mouse-like devices worn on the wrist. By establishing a smooth Bluetooth connection, users can effortlessly command various devices such as augmented and virtual reality headsets, phones, tablets, computers, and others.

“Surpassing 30,000 users within just one month is a testament to the impact WowMouse is making in the industry,” said Ohto Pentikäinen, CEO and co-founder of Doublepoint. “It reflects the growing demand for intuitive and powerful interactions with wearable devices.”

Doublepoint’s WowMouse solution uses the WearOS platform to let users add gesture-touch control to their wrist-based devices, creating an innovative new dimension of human-computer interaction and enhancing wearable interactions for consumers by giving them an intuitive mouse on their wrist.

“Since we introduced our WowMouse app on Samsung Galaxy Watches, our rapidly growing community has been asking for Pixel Watch 2 support,” added Pentikäinen. “WowMouse’s integration with Pixel Watch 2 brings our gesture detection technology into the hands of even more smartwatch owners. We’re thrilled to keep supporting more devices, because consumers’ excitement is a huge signal to the industry that there are increasing expectations for this type of device interaction and control.”

WowMouse’s gesture-touch app enables easy connectivity to AR and VR headsets through Bluetooth, providing a seamless and intuitive way for users to interact with XR devices and enhance their overall experience. Doublepoint claims that the interface gestures, including pointing and selecting, are incredibly subtle, resulting in a discreet and smooth device control experience that is unmatched in the AR/VR and gaming industry.

For industry, Doublepoint is offering preorders for its Evaluation Kit. The kit includes a wristband, advanced algorithms and evaluation tools that make it easy for developers and manufacturers to explore new ways to improve current and future consumer products by embedding Doublepoint’s transformative gesture detection algorithm. Doublepoint provides advanced gesture detection, licensable software for smartwatch and fitness tracker integrations, and reference designs for new device categories like input wristbands. For more information and to place kit preorders, click here.

Doublepoint stated that its objective is to enhance the accessibility of gesture detection technology, with the ultimate aim of facilitating advanced human-computer interactions that can offer advantages in various fields of application. For further information on Doublepoint and its gesture detection technology designed for XR devices, kindly explore the company’s website.

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