Try one of the most anticipated Quest games of the year as Mannequin enters Open Alpha

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The multiplayer VR title Mannequin features unique hide-and-seek gameplay. You can try it now on Meta Quest.

Fast Travel Games, the VR studio behind Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice, has revealed the release of the Open Alpha for their most ambitious project yet.

If you have a Quest 2, Quest 3, or Quest Pro, you have the option to join the Open Alpha through its Discord channel.

Mannequin is an asymmetrical multiplayer game for up to five players. It is set in a future where aliens have infiltrated humanity and frozen many individuals in time.

Two players take the role of elite human agents, and three players take the role of aliens. The latter can take the form of frozen humans called mannequins, making them difficult to identify as aliens.

As the elite agents, you must search through rooms and mannequins for aliens. A scanner and an EMP weapon are at your disposal. But beware: One touch of an alien is enough to freeze you as well.

The Open Alpha represents a very early build of the game, with a first look at just a few of the levels and features planned for the full game. According to the studio’s description, the Alpha will include:
  • Strategic Cat And Mouse Gameplay: Experience both sides of Mannequin’s intense gameplay, springing traps as aliens or going on the hunt as Agents.
  • Two Levels: A chance to test out the first two maps the game has to offer. Study level layouts and NPC placements to pick the perfect ambush points.
  • Social Lobby: The Alpha will feature an early version of the Mannequin lobby in which players can talk and strategize on tactics ahead of matches. New features will be added to the lobby in the future.

In due course, the open beta will be extended to additional platforms.

Mannequin will be released in 2024 for Meta Quest and PC VR headsets. Several Youtubers show the first gameplay clips of the VR game. You can also read Josef’s first impressions of Mannequin from last year’s Gamescom.

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