Effex, an immersive music visualizer that combines reality and virtual elements, will soon be available on Vision Pro.

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The music visualizer Effex, already available for Meta Quest, will get its own improved version on Vision Pro.

A while back, I experimented with Effex, a mixed reality music visualizer for Quest 3. I was intrigued by the concept, but I had one issue with it – the app could only display a limited selection of pre-loaded tracks, unable to accommodate personal music choices.

I inquired with the developers about their future plans to include this feature. XOCUS confirmed in an email that they have intentions of adding a microphone option which will enable users to integrate their personal music into the experience. Additionally, the studio mentioned that they are currently developing new effects for Effex.

Effex is coming to Vision Pro

XOCUS has additionally revealed that they are currently working on a unique iteration of Effex for Vision Pro. This forthcoming version will provide distinct effects compared to the Quest version and is expected to boast remarkable quality.

Below is the full statement of the studio:

We are currently working on creating fresh effects for Effex, and we’re thrilled to share that some of these concepts were proposed by our committed Discord community. Additionally, we are actively keeping track of player feedback in the Meta and SideQuest stores, and we will enhance the application based on their suggestions and requests once we have completed the remaining releases. Currently, our primary focus is directed towards these efforts.

Among the Effex upcoming features, we will introduce a microphone option, allowing users to incorporate their own audio into the experience. Furthermore, there will be interaction with effects, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

In addition to these exciting updates, we are pleased to reveal exclusive details about our upcoming launch on Apple Vision Pro. For it we are creating a distinct Spatial Computing Effex that will offer effects different from those available on Meta. This unique product promises exceptional quality and innovation, setting it apart in the market. We strongly believe in the appeal of this offering and are already working on additional SC for Apple Vision Pro. While we can’t disclose all the development details at this moment, we look forward to sharing more information in the near future!

The Vision Pro version of Effex has been shared with us by the studio, along with a few accompanying images.

Blue waves of the Effex Visualizer in a living room.

Luminous tile pattern of the Effex Visualizer in a kitchen.

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