Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro will be open on January 19, and the official launch is scheduled for February 2.

The Vision Pro XR headset from Apple will be released soon, according to an announcement made by the company. Starting from February 2nd, customers in the U.S. can buy the Vision Pro at any Apple Store or through their online platform.

The Vision Pro is Apple’s revolutionary spatial computing device, which the company states will transform how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories, and enjoy entertainment. The XR headset is able to seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world.

An all-new App Store will provide users with access to more than 1 million compatible apps across iOS and iPadOS, as well as new experiences that take advantage of the unique capabilities of Vision Pro. Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro begin Friday, January 19, at 5 a.m. PST.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, declared that the age of spatial computing has begun. He described Apple Vision Pro as the most sophisticated consumer electronics device ever made, with a groundbreaking and enchanting user interface that will revolutionize our methods of connection, creation, and exploration.

A New Operating System and User Interface for XR

Powered by visionOS, users will be able to enjoy spatial experiences controlled by what Apple states are “the most natural and intuitive inputs possible” — a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. visionOS is built on the foundation of decades of engineering innovation across Apple’s macOS, iOS, and iPadOS line of operating systems. As a result, Apple states that visionOS will deliver powerful spatial experiences, unlocking new opportunities at work and at home.

Vision Pro will feature a brand-new three-dimensional user interface and input system that is controlled entirely by a user’s eyes, hands, and voice. According to the company, intuitive gestures will allow users to interact with apps by simply looking at them, tapping their fingers to select, flicking their wrist to scroll, or using a virtual keyboard or dictation to type. Plus, with Siri, users can quickly open or close apps, play media, and more.

Users can also immerse themselves in Environments to help them focus or reduce clutter in busy spaces. With Environments, a user’s world can grow beyond the dimensions of a physical room. With a twist of the Digital Crown, a dial situated on the top of the headset, users can control how present or immersed they are in an environment. Environment options will include landscapes like Haleakalā, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite National Parks, and even the surface of the moon.

Experiences on the Vision Pro

The three-dimensional interface of the Vision Pro eliminates the limitations of a usual display and allows for arranging apps in any spatial arrangement. This creates an unlimited workspace for multitasking and collaboration.

Apple announced that vision OS makes use of current developer frameworks, and over 1 million well-known apps from iOS and iPadOS are compatible with Apple Vision Pro and will seamlessly function with the device’s new input system. The headset also introduces a distinct App Store for spatial computing experiences. These applications can be positioned and adjusted to the desired size, while ensuring that the user remains engaged in their surroundings.

Enhanced Entertainment

The Vision Pro boasts incredibly high-resolution screens, surpassing the pixel count of a 4K TV for each eye. This allows users to enjoy movies and TV shows from services like Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, and others on a screen that gives the impression of being 100 feet wide. It also supports HDR content.

Upon release, users will have the opportunity to experience over 150 3D titles and Apple Immersive Video, an innovative entertainment format introduced by Apple. This format immerses users in 180-degree, three-dimensional 8K recordings accompanied by Spatial Audio.

Gaming on the Apple Vision Pro

Gaming on the Vision Pro will include more than 250 titles on Apple Arcade, including games like NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition and Sonic Dream Team, which can be played on the aforementioned large screen. Apple noted that the device will also have support for popular game controllers. Plus, new spatial games, including Game Room, What the Golf?, and Super Fruit Ninja, will take advantage of the headset’s powerful capabilities.

Spatial Memories and FaceTime on VisionPro

Vision Pro enables users to capture and relive memories in new ways with spatial photos and videos, enhanced by Spatial Audio. The device also integrates seamlessly with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing users to relive captured moments in stunning detail. Panoramas on Vision Pro offer a life-like experience, wrapping around the user for a realistic feel.

FaceTime on Vision Pro offers a life-size, spatial experience. Users appear as their Persona, a realistic representation allowing others to see their facial expressions and hand movements in real time. This feature is also compatible with third-party videoconferencing apps like Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

Design and Performance

Apple Vision Pro is the result of Apple’s extensive knowledge in designing high-performance products. The headset has a small and adaptable design, with customizable parts such as the Light Seal, Solo Knit Band, and Dual Loop Band to ensure a personalized fit. ZEISS Optical Inserts are also offered for those who need vision correction. However, the main limitation of the Vision Pro is that it must be connected to an external battery pack (which offers a maximum of 2 hours of usage) or remain fully connected to a power supply.

The power needed for the Vision Pro’s advanced display system, which incorporates micro-OLED technology and fits 23 million pixels in each display, is essential. Additionally, features like Spatial Audio and high-performance eye tracking will contribute to the headset’s power consumption. The M2 and R1 chips will handle the device’s computing power when used.

Privacy, Security, and Accessibility

Apple claims that the Vision Pro places high importance on privacy and security by using Optic ID, a system that authenticates through the iris. Moreover, the headset’s EyeSight feature displays visual indicators of the user’s attention, improving transparency and privacy for individuals interacting with the user. The device also incorporates extensive accessibility options such as VoiceOver, Zoom, and Switch Control, all of which Apple asserts have been modified and redesigned for spatial computing.

Apple Vision Pro Pricing and Availability

The 256GB model of the Apple Vision Pro can be purchased for USD $3,499 and can be pre-ordered on January 19, or bought on February 2. The first-ever XR headset from the company will be sold both online and at all U.S. Apple Store locations. ZEISS Optical Inserts are available for USD $99 for Readers and USD $149 for Prescription models.

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