GameDriver and KiwiQA have joined forces to improve the testing of video games and extended reality (XR) experiences.

GameDriver Inc., a provider of automated testing solutions for gaming and XR experiences, and KiwiQAKiwiQA, a company specializing in software testing and quality assurance services, have recently formed a strategic partnership with GameDriver. The objective of this collaboration is to enhance growth and innovation in the gaming industry. This will be achieved by integrating GameDriver’s advanced Test Automation Solutions with KiwiQA’s expertise in software testing and quality assurance.

The collaboration between the companies is seen as a major advancement for them, as it will allow them to combine their skills and expertise in order to tackle the key issues surrounding quality assurance in gaming and the development of augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (collectively known as XR) experiences. These challenges encompass the necessity for quicker delivery, wider test coverage for more intricate projects, and improved consistency. GameDriver claimed that this partnership will enable gaming and XR companies to automate their QA processes.

detection of bugs.repetitive task of testing. The GameDriver platform can cleverly navigate through a game or experience, identify problems, and help fix them, all without a human having to repeatedly and manually test for bugs. The platform also supports several 3D engines that are used in the creation of XR experiences, including Unity and Unreal Engine, and helps developers on these platforms According to the company, they aim to expedite the process of bringing their digital experiences to market.

KiwiQA offers a variety of software testing services that focus on detecting and resolving bugs and improving potential performance problems. The company claims that its testing services serve as a measure of the software’s strength, guaranteeing that every line of code meets the required standards for functionality, performance, and user interface expectations.

The partnership’s goal is to use the GameDriver platform and KiwiQA’s software testing services together.

  • Elevate Game Quality: Developers can guarantee the highest standards for every aspect of their gaming or digital experiences, including graphics and gameplay mechanics, by incorporating thorough testing procedures and automation.
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market: The partnership aims to make the development process more efficient through automation, allowing game developers to release their creations quickly.
  • Enhancing End-user Satisfaction: By enabling developers to allocate more time towards enhancing quality and performance instead of manually resolving bugs, gamers and end-users are provided with a superior level of the final product.

Robert Gutierrez, the co-founder and CEO of GameDriver, expressed that the collaboration with KiwiQA is a significant step in revolutionizing the game and XR QA industry. He believes that KiwiQA’s extensive experience in software delivery aligns perfectly with their vision to assist studios and service providers in delivering software more efficiently and consistently, ultimately meeting their business goals. This applies to both entertainment and emerging technology productivity applications.

Niranjan Limbachiya, the Founder and CEO of KiwiQA, expressed excitement about the collaboration with GameDriver. He believes that this partnership combines talent, innovation, and a shared enthusiasm for the gaming industry. Both companies are dedicated to pushing the limits of game development and quality assurance.

To learn more about GameDriver and its automated solutions for gaming and XR, kindly visit the company’s official website.

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