Racket Club: Release date, mixed reality mode and single-player revealed

Pico 4 also supports mixed reality mode.

Resolution Games unveiled a fresh trailer, showcasing the introduction of mixed reality mode. This innovative feature seamlessly merges the virtual court with the player’s physical surroundings. By setting up transparent court walls in their real-world environment, players can conveniently observe their space, allowing for powerful swings and intense point rallies. Meanwhile, the opposing player’s side of the court is entirely virtual, visible solely through a portal wall.

Lastly, the studio has unveiled the advancement system: Each match you participate in will grant you experience points that can be utilized to unlock aesthetic items (such as sweatbands, sneakers, etc.) and new rackets. However, it’s worth noting that only the latter will actually affect the gameplay. Initially, there will be a total of 20 distinct rackets available, each with their own unique focuses on spin, speed, and mass.

The game Racket Club will be purchasable on December 14th for $24.99 at the Meta Quest Store, Pico Store, and Steam. Pre-ordering on Meta Quest will grant a 12 percent discount.

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