DPVR partners with arcade & mobile games developer IGS

DPVR, a Shanghai-based provider of virtual reality (VR) hardware and software solutions, has announced a partnership with Taiwan-based arcade and mobile games developer International Games System (IGS).

DPVR and IGS have partnered to enhance the VR arcade experience by integrating DPVR E4 virtual reality headsets into IGS’ VR arcade cabinet lineups. This collaboration aims to empower FEC operators to increase profitability and provide arcade fans with better visuals and comfort.

Derek Liu, DPVR’s Vice President, emphasized their commitment to providing the top-notch entertainment solution for companies like IGS. They take pride in being part of the journey and ensuring that arcade fans and customers create lasting memories. As a trusted vendor for arcade simulator manufacturers, DPVR continually improves and refines its services to be the preferred choice for arcade and FEC operators.

Which arcade experiences will make use of the DPVR E4?

One gaming experience from IGS to be equipped with the E4 headset is ‘Sailor’s Quest VR,’ a new dual-player treasure hunting and adventure shooter that combines panoramic VR views and dynamic theater technology to create a unique experience set at sea.

The E4 device is also showcased in the supercar racing game Asphalt 9: Legends Arcade. Players will get to experience a whole new level of immersion with the E4’s stunning 4K graphics and a motion base that synchronizes with the gameplay, providing a realistic first-person view of the car’s dashboard and cockpit.

What features does the E4 provide for arcade operators?

According to the company, DPVR’s E4 device incorporates ‘Hawkeye’ technology for precise inside out tracking at a millimeter-level accuracy. This eliminates the need for deploying base stations and ensures stable visuals at a 120Hz refresh rate without any delay.

DPVR states that the headset is equipped with a strong DisplayPort cable that can be adjusted to suit various surroundings. The E4 also enables the incorporation of hand-tracking modules. Additionally, the headset’s removable leather faceliner is both easy to clean and highly sought after by arcade cabinet manufacturers.

recent announcement about the discontinuation of support for older versions of their software, DPVR is currently evaluating the impact on their products and services.recent discontinuation of its Windows Mixed Reality platform as a portal to the VR space, and with previous popular VR headsets either ceasing or pausing production, DPVR itself will continue to roll out new features on software updates to meet user demands. The company added that its team “remains committed to polishing its hardware and implementing steady plans for new-gen products,” with a long-term aim of continuing to serve arcade manufacturers and the PCVR community.

For additional details about DPVR and their virtual reality headsets, please visit the company’s website.

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