This Meta Quest game lets you be a mischievous cat, and we had to try it

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Here are my initial thoughts on the VR game “I Am Cat,” which allows players to see the world through a cat’s eyes.

I believe that there aren’t any malicious cats. Instead, there are cats who lack love and care, resulting in destructive behavior. However, this does not apply to Archie, the cat I control in I Am Cat, a recently released VR game for Meta Quest.

I have discovered a comfortable dwelling with a compassionate elderly woman, and it is an ideal haven for felines, complete with a lavish bed, a spacious tree for climbing, and simulated rodents for playful pursuits within the living space.

However, the tranquility is short-lived. In a matter of hours, the neighboring feline, known as Fluffy Joe, reaches out to me through my smartwatch designed for cats, and motivates me to engage in some mischievous activities. In order to become a part of the cat group, Fluffy Joe insists that I must demonstrate my worthiness. Therefore, I commence my efforts towards this goal.

Misdeeds and cat acrobatics

In the VR game, I get to experience the world through the eyes of a cat. Instead of arms, I have paws, and I can simulate extending my claws by pressing a button. These claws allow me to interact with objects by picking them up or scratching furniture and walls.

I imitate the movement of a cat with my arms, making my locomotion feel almost natural. To jump, I drop my arms as though pushing off the ground. I am even capable of climbing walls and other vertical surfaces.

The method of moving with arms, commonly seen in games like Gorilla Tag, has been adjusted to imitate the way cats move. While it may take some time to become accustomed to, I believe I will become skilled in cat acrobatics with additional practice. It is highly enjoyable to execute bold jumps and access corners that seemed impossible to reach.

The house appears larger than its true size from the cat’s point of view, and there are numerous interactive objects to explore and engage with. The vibrant graphics are reminiscent of comics, creating a delightful and amusing atmosphere in the game.

Watch out for the pan

Fluffy Joe initially assigns you easy tasks such as knocking books off shelves, bursting balloons, and tapping on the wall art. It is crucial to remain cautious at all times as otherwise, the elderly lady will strike you with a frying pan. Although she moves slowly, she appears enormous and threatening from the cat’s point of view.

When I behave badly, Fluffy Joe brings comfort to me: Whenever I create a mess in the house, all I need to do is go to sleep. When I wake up the next day, everything is restored to its usual state.

Last week, the game “I Am Cat” became available for Early Access. The developers assure that more content, including new locations, storylines, missions, and characters, will be introduced gradually. This virtual reality game stands out for its uniqueness, humor, and ability to capture my attention. I’m eagerly anticipating the future direction of this title.

The game “I Am Cat” can be found on the App Lab at a price of $15. It is compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3, and Pro.

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