Ultraleap unveils Hyperion, its next-generation tracking software

Ultraleap introduced Ultraleap Hyperion as the upgraded version of their hand-tracking software, Gemini. Ultraleap is a leading provider of extended reality (XR) technologies including hand tracking and mid-air haptics.

What is Ultraleap Hyperion?

Hyperion is a flexible platform gives users greater control over their hand tracking interactions, allowing them to tune different parameters and switch between models to suit their application. Ultraleap stated that the platform “showcases a step change in the performance, power and flexibility of hand tracking.” Unlike other “one-size fits all” tracking solutions on the market, Ultraleap Hyperion offers a combination of tracking models and modes to deliver a reliable, flexible solution that meets unique business needs, according to the company.

Can you describe the main characteristics of Ultraleap Hyperion?

Key Ultraleap Hyperion features include:

  • Hyperion has the ability to accurately monitor slight finger motions up to a millimeter, allowing for delicate gestures that demand little exertion.
  • Hyperion excels in its ability to handle objects, providing reliable hand tracking even when a user is holding a physical prop or object. This makes it particularly suitable for mixed reality applications.
  • Hyperion enables the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera of the company to effectively track augmented reality markers, also referred to as fiducial markers. This enables the tracking of various objects.
  • Hyperion provides different modes for performance adjustment. It includes a low-power mode that allows hand tracking to operate with less power usage, and a high-performance mode that ensures precise finger mapping with minimal delay, as long as there are no limitations on the computer’s processing power.
  • Expanded tracking capabilities: Hyperion enables direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 stereo IR camera hardware, expanding its use to other computer vision tasks, like depth sensing, 3D scanning, and object tracking.

For whom is Ultraleap Hyperion designed?

Ultraleap acknowledged that Hyperion was specifically created for headset manufacturers and application developers. Its extra functionalities can be chosen within the platform itself, eliminating the requirement for computer vision experts or software engineers.

The company added that its Leap Motion Controller 2 now also comes bundled with a commercial license to automatically access Hyperion’s features and use them to develop, use and sell new applications.

Ultraleap also mentioned that using Hyperion enables them to train hand tracking models more extensively for specific purposes and quickly fine-tune models within days instead of months. This accelerates the time it takes for customers to bring their products to the market.

Which platforms are compatible with Ultraleap Hyperion?

Finally the Ultraleap Hyperion platform is also compatible with a wide range of hardware solutions, including integrated XR headset cameras for SLAM or peripherals (such as Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2). Hyperion will also support the requirements of the next generation of augmented and mixed reality devices that feature substantially smaller form factor sizes.

“The CEO and Co-Founder of Ultraleap, Tom Carter, stated that Ultraleap’s team has extensive experience in developing groundbreaking hand tracking solutions. With the introduction of Hyperion, they have once again set a higher standard. Through the utilization of machine learning and computer vision, Ultraleap Hyperion empowers users to fully utilize the advanced computer vision capabilities of the Leap Motion Controller 2. This opens up numerous tracking possibilities for Ultraleap’s partners and customers.”

Can you please provide information on the availability of Ultraleap Hyperion?

The latest software version from Ultraleap, called Hyperion (v6), is now accessible on the Ultraleap website, Amazon, and certain distribution partners. This version replaces the previous Gemini (v5) software and comes together with Ultraleap’s Leap Motion Controller 2. It also includes a commercial use license.

To learn more about Ultraleap and its hand-tracking solutions, please visit the official website of the company.

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