Vuzix & Garmin partner on next-gen AR display technology

Vuzix, a supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technology and products, has this week announced that it has signed a multi-phase development contract with Garmin for next-generation nano-imprinted waveguide-based display systems.

Vuzix will create and provide optical systems using waveguide technology, including custom projection engines and final production units. These optical systems will enable Garmin to offer solutions that are more cost-effective, compact, and space-efficient compared to existing technologies.

Garmin specializes in GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities. The ultimate goal of the partnership, according to Vuzix, is to produce scalable production units designed for mass market deployment.

Vuzix has decades of experience in the design and development of AR technology and optical products. It is thanks to its capabilities around the design and development of custom waveguide optics, as well as capacity for volume production nano imprinting for vision-based optical systems that the company’s technology will be used to power future solutions and possible augmented reality experiences for Garmin.

“Garmin is a technological leader and an ideal collaborator for implementing our advanced waveguide-based solutions in numerous markets,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix. “This development agreement further demonstrates how effectively Vuzix, with our OEM partners, is able to leverage the industry-leading optical technologies and manufacturing capabilities that we have created to support the burgeoning near eye display industry.””

Although no specific details were given as to how Garmin would be utilizing Vuzix’ technology, there are a variety of ways in which augmented reality could enhance Garmin’s existing range of GPS-related tech. From AR-enabled GPS devices for vehicles and marine navigation, to wearable AR for fitness and outdoor activities.

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