The release date for the Quest version of VR Battle Royale Contractors Showdown has been announced.

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Contractors Showdown, which is set to arrive on the Quest Store this month, could potentially be the largest battle royale experience in virtual reality.

Contractors Showdown allows up to 60 players to battle on a 16 square kilometer map. The studio describes the game as follows:

Navigate the high-stakes arena using an array of tactical props, including airstrikes and UAVs. These game-changing elements elevate the intensity, offering players the opportunity to unleash powerful tools and outsmart their opponents. Plan your moves, coordinate with your squad, and deploy these strategic assets to dominate the battlefield.

The collection of weapons includes long-range rifles used for sniping, close-range shotguns, standard assault rifles, rapid-firing machine guns, handguns, and additional firearms. It also encompasses a range of aiming devices, explosive grenades, and various supplementary equipment.

Map of Contractors Showdown.

You can accumulate resource points and access blueprints and cosmetic items through the progression system. Additionally, prior to each match, you have the option to select from three different perks that provide strategic benefits.

The game has been specifically designed for virtual reality and has undergone extensive alpha and beta testing, involving thousands of players, in recent months.

A PC VR version is also in development and should follow soon, but does not yet have a release date.

Military shooters are among the most popular VR genres

Caveman Studio developed Contractors Showdown, which is a highly popular game on Meta Quest with over 8,000 ratings. The previous game, Contractors, was also a huge success.

The genre of military shooting games is highly favored by VR players. Popular titles such as Ghosts of Tabor, Onward, Breachers, and Pavlov Shack are frequently played games on Meta Quest.

Battle royale VR titles are rather rare. The best known is Meta’s Population: One, for which new free content was released yesterday. The second major update of the year, “Event Series 2”, brings three two-week-long in-game events and rewards.

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