The release date for Meta Quest 3: Arcade Paradise VR, a game ideal for those who grew up in the 90s, has been revealed.

Nosebleed Interactive and Wired Productions have released a new trailer for their upcoming VR game “Arcade Paradise VR”, introducing a special feature: the Mixed Reality mode “Future Home: Enter Reality”. This will allow you to place 90s style virtual arcade machines in the physical environment and play with them while wearing a Quest 3, Quest 2 or Quest Pro.

The full load of retro

In the game, you assume the character of Ashley, a defiant adolescent who defies her father’s desires and chooses to purchase and participate in arcade games rather than carry on with the family enterprise, which is a laundry facility.

Although she is rebellious in her youth, there are tasks to be completed at the laundromat. The tasks include picking up chewing gum, washing clothes, cleaning toilets, and taking out the trash. However, on a positive note, completing these tasks allows you to earn change that can be used right away to play exciting arcade games.

You have the chance to unlock a total of 39 arcade machines that are fully playable, covering gaming history from three different decades. This collection of machines will keep you engaged for more than thirty hours. Each machine offers a variety of games that are inspired by classic favorites such as Pac-Man and Tetris.

Publisher Wired Production is also responsible for the VR version of The Last Worker, in which you explore a dystopian, automated world where humans have been replaced by artificial intelligence and robots. As a worker for the world’s largest retail company, Jüngle, you are tasked with helping a group of activists dismantle the company.

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