Niantic has created an exclusive mixed reality experience called Hello Dot for Quest 3.

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The Pokémon Go studio Niantic released a mixed reality app for Meta Quest 3 called “Hello, Dot”.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Niantic’s mobile AR game Peridot, Niantic is releasing a spin-off of the brand exclusively for Meta Quest 3. It is Niantic’s first native Meta Quest app, which the company describes as follows:

“Hello, Dot, encompasses the finest aspects of tending to your charming Dot companions and manifests them into existence using the enchantment of mixed reality. Within this captivating encounter, you will have the opportunity to truly appreciate the striking visual appeal of your Dots from a close proximity and foster a unique connection with them as you engage in shared playtime.”

Envision the ability to lift your Dot by grasping its arms and gently releasing it to let it softly descend back into your embrace. If you prefer, you can also groove to your favorite song while having a mini dance gathering with your Dot. Additionally, you may choose to unwind on the couch and cuddle up closely to your Dot.

The App Lab offers Hello, Dot as a free download.


Niantic expands onto headsets

Peridot is an AR pet simulation for mobile devices that explores the capabilities of Niantic’s Lightship AR platform, including features such as real-time mapping occlusion, and semantic segmentation.

Niantic states that their introduction of Hello, Dot marks the initial stage of expanding the Peridot franchise onto spatial computing devices, signaling their intentions to explore platforms beyond smartphones and tablets in the future.

Niantic’s long-term objective is to design games and immersive encounters specifically for AR glasses. Since this technology is still in its early stages and smartphones, while widely used, are not the most suitable medium for such experiences, Niantic is currently exploring the possibilities with mixed reality headsets.

In the spring of 2021, the company hinted at a set of sleek AR glasses and later revealed a prototype for an outdoor AR headset in collaboration with Qualcomm towards the end of 2022. However, none of these endeavors have been translated into actual products so far.

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