PSVR 2: Sugar Mess Demo Hits PlayStation Store

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JollyCo has recently launched a new demonstration version of their game called Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle, specifically designed for Playstation VR 2 users. This demo is currently accessible on the Playstation Store and provides a diverse range of levels, enemies, and gameplay scenarios. In addition to the demo, JollyCo has also released a fresh trailer and high-quality screenshots. Originally introduced in the Meta App Lab back in June 2023, this game is a virtual reality shooter suitable for all ages and takes place in a delightful candy-inspired world. Players must employ candy-themed firearms to fend off invading pastries within the Sugar Kingdom. The developers have plans to introduce more content for the game later this year.

A Dive into the World of “Sugar Mess”

“Sugar Mess” places players in the shoes of a mischievous chef in a vibrant, cartoon-styled world overflowing with sweets and pastries. The game utilizes the advanced features of the PSVR 2 to create a highly interactive environment where players can cook, bake, and cause culinary chaos in a fantastical kitchen. The demo offers a glimpse into what appears to be a lighthearted and engaging game, designed to appeal to players of all ages.

Utilizing PSVR 2’s Enhanced Features

One of the highlights of “Sugar Mess” is how it leverages the PSVR 2’s new technology. Sony’s latest VR headset boasts improved resolution, eye-tracking capabilities, and enhanced haptic feedback which “Sugar Mess” uses to enrich the gaming experience. For instance, when players knead dough or sprinkle toppings, the Sense controllers provide realistic tactile feedback that mimics the actual feeling of these actions.

Eye-tracking technology also plays a significant role in “Sugar Mess.” The game uses this feature to create more intuitive interactions within the virtual environment. Players can look at ingredients or tools, and the game dynamically responds to their gaze, making the cooking process smoother and more intuitive.

Graphics and Performance

Graphically, “Sugar Mess” is a standout, with its vivid and colorful palette bringing its fantastical kitchen to life. The PSVR 2’s high-resolution display enhances the visual experience, making every detail—from the glossy icing on cakes to the fluffy texture of marshmallows—pop with realism. Furthermore, the game runs smoothly on the platform, with optimized performance that ensures a comfortable and enjoyable VR experience without the motion sickness often associated with earlier VR games.

Market Implications and Future Potential

The release of the “Sugar Mess” demo is strategic, coming at a time when the PSVR 2 is still in its early stages of consumer adoption. By providing a free, high-quality demo, Sony not only boosts the appeal of its VR system but also showcases the creative potential of the platform. This move could potentially drive hardware sales as more consumers are tempted to experience the unique interactions that only VR can offer.


The “Sugar Mess” demo is more than just a fun virtual reality game—it’s a testament to the evolving capabilities of VR technology and its potential to transform our gaming experiences. As “Sugar Mess” makes its debut on the PlayStation Store, it invites both seasoned VR enthusiasts and newcomers to indulge in a sweet escapade that promises to be as entertaining as it is innovative. With Sony continuing to support and develop for the PSVR 2, the future of VR gaming looks not only promising but also irresistibly fun.

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