Varjo and FORCE Technology have joined forces to announce a partnership for XR training.

Varjo a company that specializes in maritime technology, engineering, and training using simulations, has recently revealed that they have entered into a strategic frame agreement. This collaboration designates FORCE Technology as the integrator partner for Varjo, an organization known for its virtual reality (VR) and extended reality (XR) solutions. The primary goal of this partnership is to provide cutting-edge VR and XR training solutions to customers in the maritime industry on a global scale.

Varjo plans to partner with the aim of introducing a small and easily transportable immersive training solution. The goal is to utilize Varjo’s XR-4 series headsets to improve accessibility and efficiency in maritime training. This collaboration seeks to reduce costs and overcome logistical obstacles commonly associated with traditional training methods.

By bringing together FORCE Technology’s experience in maritime simulations and Varjo’s mixed reality technology, the resulting collaboration will offer maritime customers with a training solution that helps to cut costs compared to traditional simulators, as well as boost the quality of training with realistic immersive scenarios.

Capt. Jan Michelsen, Director of Simulation, Ports, Training, and Human Factors at FORCE Technology, expressed excitement about the potential of the new Varjo XR-4 Series headsets in revolutionizing maritime training. With their exceptional visuals, combined with our expertise in software and simulation, this VR/XR solution has the potential to be a game-changer, offering unprecedented flexibility and cost savings to the industry. The goal is to bring efficient training closer to where it is needed, whether that be in classrooms or on ships.

Varjo claimed that due to a shortage of skilled seafarers in the global maritime industry, there is an urgent requirement for training solutions that are not only effective and affordable, but also scalable and easy to implement. The collaboration between FORCE Technology and Varjo’s immersive training solutions intends to tackle these difficulties by providing companies with efficient crew training options.

Seppo Aaltonen, Chief Commercial Officer at Varjo, stated that the collaboration with FORCE Technology represents a major advancement in maritime training. The aim is to enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of high-quality simulators. By leveraging FORCE Technology’s immersive simulator, traditional training obstacles can be overcome. This innovative approach will provide a more immersive and lifelike simulation experience, resulting in noticeable operational advantages for the industry.

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