Skybox VR lets you watch movies on Quest via a USB flash drive

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I have successfully tested the new feature of Skybox VR which allows video playback from a USB flash drive on my Meta Quest 3 device.

Skybox VR is a video player that supports all major formats. It can play 2D movies in UHD, 4K or 8K, 3D movies or VR movies in 180 and 360 degrees. You can transfer videos from your computer to Meta Quest via USB cable or stream them directly to the headset via UPnP/DLNA server.

Skybox VR offers various virtual environments for watching videos and movies. Alternatively, you can also activate passthrough mode and project content onto the wall or ceiling.

The latest update 1.1.7. added support for USB flash drives plugged into Quest’s USB port. Videos and movies stored on a USB memory stick can now be selected and played in Skybox VR. This is handy if you’re going on an extended trip and don’t want to transfer the movies to your device first and use up its (often limited) storage space.

Watching movies on Quest 3 via USB stick: My first impressions

Skybox VR supports FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems. Once you insert the USB flash drive into the Quest and give it read permission, you can see its contents in the VR app under “USB Files”.

During my brief experiment with a set of 2D films, I encountered varying outcomes. While certain videos played flawlessly, Skybox VR was unable to play others. Movies with an exceptionally high bit rate might result in extended buffering periods or re-buffering interruptions while being played.

Some of these problems may be due to unsupported codecs or my old USB drive. You may get better results with a newer, faster model. I also tried a 3D movie, but it didn’t play.

The visual quality of the movies played by Skybox VR was impressive, whether in virtual environments or passthrough mode. The app provides subtitle support and various customizable settings to enhance the user experience. I am definitely going to keep exploring Skybox VR and its USB flash drive compatibility.

The update introduces additional improvements to the Skybox VR experience.

Using USB sticks for this purpose has a disadvantage – you cannot charge the Quest headset simultaneously unless you manage to find an adapter that enables both functionalities.

The most recent update includes various enhancements, such as the inclusion of USB flash drive compatibility. Additionally, the developers have introduced an IMAX theater feature and the option to apply anti-aliasing and a sharpening filter. Moreover, they have made improvements to the experimental Pro HD functionality, which enhances video rendering quality, allowing it to be used simultaneously with passthrough.

The Quest Store offers Skybox VR at a price of $10.

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