Hands-on with CyubeVR: One of the most beautiful PSVR 2 games

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After being available on SteamVR for six years, CyubeVR finally arrives on Playstation VR 2. How does the gameplay of CyubeVR fare on this platform, and has the port been successful?

Upon learning about CyubeVR, my instant association was with Minecraft, a realm enriched with blocks, enabling one to fashion tools and construct, unrestricted by the bounds of imagination.

Can CyubeVR be considered more than just a Minecraft replica? This virtual reality voxel game is specifically designed to offer impressive visuals. Does it meet the expectations and provide an enjoyable gaming experience?

I am sharing my initial thoughts on CyubeVR on PSVR 2. If you’re interested in getting more details about the game, I suggest reading my interview with the developer of CyubeVR, Corvin Engelken.

CyubeVR on PSVR 2: Enchantingly beautiful

The realm of CyubeVR combines voxel graphics with elements that appear more lifelike. The terrain consists entirely of blocks, while everything else including plants, animals, trees, and tools are represented by intricate 3D models.

When I initially experienced the virtual reality world with my Playstation VR 2, I was astounded. The exceptional rendering resolution ensures a sharp and distinct image, creating a delightful experience as I explore the game environment visually. The picturesque scenery, featuring vibrant colors, lush vegetation, and lively wildlife, is truly captivating.

CyubeVR has sophisticated light and shadow effects and a day and night cycle. As the sun sets, shadows move across the world and as night falls, northern lights appear in the sky. Thanks to the bright OLED displays, it feels like the sun is blinding me, and the landscape looks like it is actually bathed in light. The game world is so beautiful and idyllic that it invites you to wander aimlessly.

Later on, I start to investigate the inner workings of the game. I have a clear view of a grand structure that stands tall in the sky. Will I eventually have the opportunity to ascend it and gain a new perspective of the world?

An easy introduction and user-friendly VR controls.

CyubeVR is a sandbox game and as such, does not have a story in the traditional sense, unless you write it yourself through your actions.

A long chain of objectives gradually introduces you to the game’s mechanics. This is how I learned to mine the first blocks and create simple tools like a pickaxe. Recipes for these and other items are scattered around the world in the form of floating parchments. All I have to do is touch them with my hand to add them to my collection.

The VR implementation is well though out: I can teleport and move smoothly through the world at the same time, bend virtually to chop wood lying on the ground, and telekinetically pull loose objects towards me with a flick of my wrist like in Half-Life: Alyx. I played CyubeVR sitting down and it worked perfectly. Blocks are minded by hand movements, but I can’t say yet if this is tiring in the long run.

The settings menu pleasantly surprised me with its extensive options to customize graphics and various gameplay elements such as movement speed and day-night duration. I did not test the mod support feature.

Conclusion: A strong PSVR 2 debut

CyubeVR makes a good first impression. You can tell that the game has been in development for eight years. The PSVR 2 port is based on the latest PC VR version, which has received 57 updates since its release.

The port itself is exemplary. I haven’t played the PC VR version yet, but CyubeVR looks fantastic on PSVR 2 and is certainly one of the most beautiful games for the VR platform.

There are occasional visual trade-offs in certain areas. When focusing on distant objects, you can observe changes in the level of detail. In the less visually pleasing desert environment, both the OLED displays and the PS5 console have limitations, resulting in noticeable aliasing effects due to the voxel graphics. The lighting effects can be exaggerated at times, but they can be adjusted or disabled through the graphics settings. Additionally, I have inquired about the potential use of Sony’s controversial reprojection technique in CyubeVR with the developer.

The CyubeVR developer has a long-term commitment to continue enhancing the game, offering new content and features for an extended period. In the pipeline is also a multiplayer mode that allows players on both PC and PSVR 2 to play together.

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