DPVR has announced a partnership with ASI Corp for the distribution of their VR headsets.

DPVR, a company based in Shanghai that offers solutions for virtual reality (VR) hardware and software, has announced a substantial increase in its distribution network through a strategic collaboration with ASI Corp, a distributor of IT hardware and software products across the United States and Canada.

Following the collaboration, ASI will offer a wide selection of DPVR’s VR headsets, serving various industry sectors.

  • Enterprise – DPVR’s enterprise offering is highlighted by its P1 VR headset series, which the company stated is trusted by education solution providers such as Lenovo Education and Umety for its affordability and customizability. According to DPVR, its P1 series has been widely integrated into hundreds of schools throughout the US. Furthermore, the company’s P2 headset has become a headset of choice for therapeutic applications thanks to its content security features, longer-lasting battery life, and ergonomic design for increased comfort.
  • Arcade – DPVR’s E3C headset offers a mainstream display accessory for VR simulators, whilst the company’s E4C device, which was showcased at CES this year, offers a visually superior option for arcade equipment suppliers and family entertainment center (FEC) operators.
  • Consumer VR – The company’s E4 headset is specially designed for PC VR enthusiasts and the sim racing community, and offers an entry-level price point for a 4K 120Hz experience that allows gamers to explore AAA titles in the SteamVR ecosystem.

Derek Liu, the vice president of DPVR, expressed that the partnership with ASI Corp. is significant as it expands its reach and makes its VR solutions more accessible to a larger audience. After carefully evaluating potential partners, DPVR believes that ASI’s extensive experience and strong network will be crucial in assisting local VR content solution providers and FEC owners, ultimately enhancing consumer satisfaction.

DPVR emphasized the importance of its North American customers as it ships more VR headsets to the United States. The company plans to demonstrate its dedication to this market and enhance its relationship with customers by participating in trade shows, initiating healthcare projects, and receiving support from ASI to improve its distribution network.

Kent Tibbils, the VP of Marketing at ASI, expressed great enthusiasm for the addition of DPVR to their product lineup. He believes that this collaboration and the cutting-edge technology offered by DPVR will open up growth prospects for their customers, especially those in the gaming, healthcare, and education sectors.

ASI Corp. was established in 1987 and is now a nationwide provider of IT hardware and software products. With a vast selection of over 150 product lines, the company boasts a proficient team of approximately 500 staff members. Additionally, ASI Corp. operates nine sales/warehouse locations across the United States and Canada.

For more information on DPVR and its range of virtual reality headsets for various industries, click herehere to visit their website here.

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