ByteDance is now providing its employees with new benefits related to virtual reality therapy through XRHealth.

XRHealth, a company that offers a healthcare platform and therapeutic extended reality (XR) solutions, has announced that employees of ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, will now have access to new virtual reality (VR) therapy benefits provided by XRHealth.

ByteDance employees will be able to access XRHealth’s physical, occupational, and behavioral therapies either from their own homes or at ByteDance clinics, as stated by the company.

“XRHealth is a solution of choice for corporate employees because employees have a higher rate of treatment plan adherence with our solution since it is fun, engaging, and convenient,” said Eran Orr, Chief Executive Officer of XRHealth. “High levels of treatment adherence also means that employees are healthier and happier, making them more productive at work.”

XRHealth provides treatments for physical conditions like rehabilitation and physical therapy as well as mental health conditions like anxiety, PTSD, stress relief, and more. The company stated in its announcement that employees at ByteDance will have access to on-demand treatment from their home that is both engaging and immersive.

The XRHealth platform offers an interactive virtual environment that boosts patient and clinician engagement, promotes adherence to treatment programs, and provides access to valuable data insights for evaluating and adjusting treatment outcomes.

“ByteDance aims to provide our employees with meaningful and effective benefits,” said Todd Wells, ByteDance’s Americas benefit leader. “XRHealth’s Virtual Reality Therapy services allow our employees to conveniently access effective tools to improve their physical and mental health from the comfort of their homes. We are excited about the potential for this partnership.”

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