In March, the VR platformer game called Stilt will be released on Quest, PSVR 2, and Steam.

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Stilt is a vibrant VR platformer coming soon to Meta Quest, Playstation VR 2 and PC VR headsets.

The Swedish developer duo of Rekt Games describes the game as follows:

Stilt launches players into a vibrant VR platformer experience, bouncing with inspiration from classic favorites. Navigate through its colorful levels using quick reflexes and adept problem-solving skills while gathering lost gift packages and stamps. With the aid of your wit and stilts, bounce over chasms, sidestep traps, dismantle obstacles, and engage with creatures along the way. Discover hidden power-ups that add an extra spring to your step, allowing you to ascend to the pinnacle of stilt mastery.

Besides the solo player campaign, there will be a designated area where players can socialize with others and four player versus player multiplayer modes.

‘Smack-em-all!’ encourages skillful bounces to send opponents into the sea, while ‘Area Bash’ tests your agility within a shifting boundary. Navigate ‘Electric Tag’ carefully to avoid zaps and aim for balloon-popping success in ‘Balloon Hunt’. Between matches, explore the lively lobby area to meet fellow players and gear up for your next bouncy adventure.

Stilt is scheduled for launch on March 8, 2024. It will be available on the App Lab for Meta Quest, the Playstation Store for Playstation VR 2, and Steam for PC VR headsets. The price will be set at $19.99.

Fans of platformers have a promising month ahead in March, with the added excitement of Max Mustard’s release during this time. However, in the latter game, you will experience gameplay from a third-person perspective.

In the past year, there has been a surge of VR platformers that offer a first-person perspective and allow players to move using their arms. This may be influenced by the popularity of Gorilla Tag. Some examples of such games are No More Rainbows, Toss, Outta Hand, and Stilt, which will be released for VR headsets soon.

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