Premium airline Beond to offer in-flight Apple Vision Pro usage

 Beond, airlines of Maldives, a high-end leisure airline operating in the Maldives, has just revealed its plan to provide the exclusive Apple Vision Pro virtual reality (VR) headset to certain passengers traveling to the Maldives.

According to Beond, passengers will have the opportunity to indulge in captivating experiences on the Apple Vision Pro, alongside the airline’s in-flight entertainment that highlights the finest aspects of Maldives.

The announcement marks a recent trend in the airline industry’s embrace of immersive technologies for enhancing the passenger experience. Notably, this development follows on the heels of another recent announcement by China-based Hainan Airlines, which introduced in-flight augmented reality (AR) experiences to passengers in partnership with Rokid.

In keeping with its premium brand, Beyond’s offering will involve the far more expensive Apple Vision Pro device, as opposed to more consumer-friendly priced devices such as XREAL’s smart glasses or Meta’s Quest 3 headset.

The Apple Vision Pro VR headset

Tero Taskila, the Chairman and CEO of Beond, expressed that the Apple Vision Pro will greatly enhance the entertainment experience during flights. Beond will be the first to provide this feature to specific passengers. Alongside our extensive collection of in-flight movies and games, Beond will also present captivating resort destinations and activities in the Maldives.

According to Taskila, Beond is now working with partners in the Maldives to prepare footage for these in-flight experiences, which the company hopes will help to build anticipation for passengers before they arrive in the Maldives.

Taskila added that offering the Apple Vision Pro is a further advancement in their goal of providing a high-quality travel experience for their customers throughout their entire journey. They take pride in being the first airline to implement this technology.

The news follows the receipt of Beond’s second aircraft last week, and the company’s successful launch of commercial passenger services in 2023 from Munich, Zurich, and Riyadh to Malé, Maldives. Beond will debut flights from Milan, Dubai, and Bangkok to the Maldives in mid-2024, in an all-lay flat seating configuration.

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