Hyatt Regency Vancouver launches Lunar New Year AR experience

The introduction of ‘Wake Up Sleeping Dragon’ at Hyatt Regency Vancouver’s lobby marks the hotel’s latest augmented reality (AR) experience. This exciting addition features a 3D Dragon in the entrance area, adding to the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Guests and visitors can easily access the AR 3D Dragon experience in the hotel’s lobby by scanning a QR code. This immersive experience showcases a flying dragon and can be shared on social media platforms.

The Marketing Manager of Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Deniz Um, created the interactive AR experience. Um utilized Adobe Aero, a tool for authoring and publishing augmented reality content. Aero is designed for developers and offers an intuitive platform for building, viewing, and sharing immersive storytelling experiences in mobile AR. It is accessible on iOS and is currently in public beta for desktop versions compatible with macOS and Windows.

The Hyatt Regency Vancouver introduces augmented reality to enhance guest experiences and promote community involvement, in line with their dedication to creating memorable moments.

Patrick Gosselin, the General Manager, expresses that the Lunar New Year is an occasion for our hotel to demonstrate inclusivity, where we celebrate the diverse culture of British Columbia and bring happiness to our local community.

Hyatt Regency has adorned its entire lobby with festive decorations to celebrate the Lunar New Year, specifically honoring the Year of the Dragon. Alongside these decorations, a large physical dragon has been positioned in the center of the lobby. The hotel has announced that their AR experience will be available until February 24th.

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