DPVR and Showtime VR have joined forces to improve virtual reality experiences for groups.

 Showtime VR, a VR software company specializing in synchronized virtual reality playback, provides a combined hardware and software solution for commercial applications.

DPVR‘s all-in-one headsets will be combined with Showtime VR’s remote content management app in a partnership that aims to provide a cost-effective solution for group virtual reality experiences in various sectors including education, training, enterprise, entertainment, arts, and events.

DPVR announced that by combining its range of all-in-one headsets with the Showtime VR remote content management app, it intends to offer a complete VR solution that caters to the requirements of various industries and organizations looking for an easy-to-use option to initiate group virtual reality experiences.

Showtime VR offers a virtual reality software solution designed for professional playback of 360-degree immersive content on VR headsets. Key features of the company’s platform include:

  • Remote control over multiple VR headsets simultaneously – local and online;
  • DRM video encryption;
  • Content management and playback statistics;
  • Support for subtitles that adjust based on the movement of the viewer’s head and audio that creates a sense of space.
  • Compatibility with various video formats, including 360-degree, 180-degree, flat videos, and panoramas;
  • The ability to stream content from both online and local sources;
  • Advanced features with different licensing options, including Showtime VR Online for unlimited headset synchronization.

The merging of the hardware and software solutions from both companies will enable full control over multiple DPVR headsets either online or locally. It will also facilitate the management of immersive content using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

“Virtual reality only makes sense if it answers actual needs, such as in education, training, healthcare, culture, and entertainment. Therefore the VR solution always needs to make things easier, not more complicated. Showtime VR’s system for synchronized VR playback, as well as our partnership with hardware producers such as DPVR, helps to make VR easier so that this technology can truly get into the mainstream” said Jan Szczycinski, CEO of Showtime VR.

With extensive experience in B2B VR, DPVR offers a range of enterprise-level devices, such as the company’s enterprise-focused P2 model, as well as customizable VR hardware and software solutions starting from USD $100-$200. The company noted that this makes its VR hardware offerings a more accessible choice for large volume orders and small to medium-sized businesses.

Derek Liu, VP of DPVR, stated that companies have always faced challenges regarding content distribution and latency. The collaboration with Showtime VR allows customers to expand their VR usage without worrying about these issues. This joint solution also helps reduce costs by at least one-third. Moreover, the DPVR P2 includes a long-lasting power module and content-encryption feature, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted immersive experience throughout operational workflows.

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