The price of Apple Vision Pro can reach $3,900 and its weight can be as much as 650 grams.

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The Vision Pro is currently available for pre-order with a wealth of fresh details about the gadget.

Vision Pro has been available for pre-order in the US since this morning, and according to early reports, the first batch sold out within an hour. It is not known how many units Apple had ready for launch, but one supply chain analyst estimated 60,000 to 80,000 units.

All three storage models are currently only available starting in March. The official launch date is February 2.

Price of the storage models

Apple has announced the prices for all three storage models:

  • $3500 for 256 GB of storage
  • $3700 for 512 GB of storage
  • $3900 for 1 TB of storage


The weight is now also known:

  • Depending on the light seal and headband options, the weight of Vision Pro ranges from 21.2 to 22.9 ounces, equivalent to 600 and 650 grams.
  • The weight of the external battery is 353 grams.

For comparison:

Weight alone is not the sole determinant of comfort. Other factors, like weight distribution, also have a significant impact.

Official accessories

The box contains the following items:

  • Apple Vision Pro Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion and Solo Knit Band
  • Dual Loop Band
  • Cover
  • Battery
  • Light Seal Cushion
  • Polishing Cloth
  • 30W USB-C Power Adapter & USB-C Charge Cable

Apple offers the following spare parts and accessories:

  • Apple Vision Pro Travel Case for 200 US dollars
  • Apple Vision Pro Battery for 200 US dollars
  • Belkin Battery Holder for 50 US dollars
  • ZEISS Optical Inserts for 100 to 150 US dollars
  • Apple Vision Pro Light Seal for 200 US dollars
  • Apple Vision Pro Light Seal Cushion for 30 US dollars
  • The Apple Vision Pro Solo Knit Band is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and is priced at 100 US dollars.
  • The Apple Vision Pro Dual Loop Band is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and is priced at $100 USD.
  • A USB-C Charge Cable of 240W (2 meters) is available for $30.
  • 30W USB-C Power Adapter for 40 US dollars

New videos

Apple has additionally unveiled two fresh videos. The initial one offers a ten-minute overview of the product, whereas the second one exhibits the intricate manufacturing procedure.

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