bHaptics announces TactSuit PS VR2 support & new TactGlove DK2

bHapticsA company called TactSuit, which offers haptic devices for consumers, has recently revealed that their haptic vest device, TactSuit, will now be compatible with PlayStation VR2. Alongside this, they have introduced the new TactGlove DK2, an updated version of their haptic gloves, and also announced improved features for their TactSuit vest.

Last week at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the company collaborated with Ark and Ade, Breachers, Hand Physics Lab, and Rogue Ascent to exhibit their latest and improved products at their booth.

Upcoming PS VR2 support for Breachers

bHaptics stated that its TactSuit will now support PS VR2 within the first quarter of 2024. This will be in addition to a current roster of 250+ Steam VR and Meta Quest titles that already support the TactSuit device.

The company partnered with developer Triangle Factory to showcase Breachers on PS VR2 with TactSuit at CES. bHaptics did note though that Breachers is currently the only PS VR2 game compatible with the platform. However, the company added that its SDK is now available for developers to start integrating PS VR2 content with the TactSuit, and that full PS VR2 support will be available for all consumers within Q1 of 2024.

TactGlove DK2

TactGlove is bHaptics’ line of consumer-ready haptic gloves for virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). Since the first release of the company’s SDK early last year, the TactGlove DK1 has gone through a range of upgrades, including enhanced motor control, improved hand tracking compatibility, increased comfort, and the inclusion of touchscreen-compatible and anti-slip fingertips.

bHaptics states that the TactGlove DK2 offers better compatibility with hand tracking, enhanced comfort, and more advanced haptic feedback compared to its previous version, TactGlove DK1. Additionally, developers can now have more precise control over the gloves’ motors, which can generate vibration waveforms with a duration of 10 milliseconds.

Additionally, the design changes provide further comfort and improved aesthetics. Whilst the DK1 consisted of three layers with inner gloves, main gloves, and interchangeable outer gloves, the DK2 actually removes the outer gloves, which bHaptics stated leads to increased usability, as well as improved hand tracking compatibility with camera-based systems.

The company claims that the hand-tracking compatibility of the TactGloves has significantly improved compared to its previous version, and is now on par with tracking bare hands. Additionally, the design has been updated to replace velcro straps with magnetic straps, making it more convenient to wear and remove the gloves. bHaptics announced that the TactGlove DK2 will be released for consumers in April of this year.

Renewed TactSuit series

The company has made improvements to its consumer-ready haptic suits, the TactSuit X40 and X16. These upgraded models now offer enhanced functionality and a noise-free experience. The updates include eliminating high-frequency noise from the motors and introducing a noiseless zipper. As a result, users can now enjoy a more immersive virtual reality (VR) experience with haptic feedback like directional gunshots and powerful recoils, without any noise distractions from the suit.

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