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Inverse is a unique multiplayer game on Quest due to its symmetrical gameplay. It is rare to find such games on this platform, with Acron: Attack of the Squirrels being the only other example I can think of. In Acron, one player controls a tree while the others play as attacking squirrels. Click here to get it on the Meta Store. Inverse is nothing like that. 

MassVR, the team behind Inverse, brings substantial experience in crafting location-based VR experiences to the table. They have already demonstrated their prowess with titles such as VR Champions, a team-oriented first-person shooter, and Hallow Realm, an asymmetric horror experience. Inverse marks their debut in standalone VR gaming, yet their rich background in multiplayer VR design shines through distinctly, a fact that became apparent from my initial encounter with the game.

Perhaps influenced by Hallow Realm, Inverse immerses players in a 4-against-1 multiplayer survival horror scenario. In this narrative, an entity known as The Foundation inadvertently opens a gateway to a mysterious and hostile new world dominated by an unwelcoming monstrous entity.

Portal Perils

At the start of the game, a group of four players takes on the role of agents and enters a portal. Their main objective is to activate terminals that are spread out across each map. Successfully activating these terminals allows the players to access weapon caches, providing them with the necessary firepower to confront the creature that is hunting them. Working together speeds up the activation process, as two players can simultaneously work on a terminal, making it unlock faster. However, this collaborative approach also comes with risks, as it gives the creature more chances to track and disable pairs of agents, especially since the agents initially lack weapons.

inverse meta quest 2 game review

Opposing the agents is a solitary player embodying the NUL, a creature from a world accessible through the portals. The NUL manifests in two distinct forms: the Reaper, a swift and agile entity delivering melee damage, and another variant, slower yet armed with devastatingly potent attacks capable of long-range stuns to catch up to players. While the Reaper offers an easier handling for players, mastering the slower, yet more lethal variant could be a preferred choice for veteran players.

Before accessing the weapon caches, the agents have limited defensive abilities. They have traps to briefly stop the NUL, defibrillators to revive fallen teammates, and a self-revive gadget that can only be used once. Additionally, agents can take shelter in rooms by sealing the doors to delay the NUL, although this is only temporary as the creature can eventually break through. In this situation, agents are not completely helpless and have drills to fix damages and create time to plan their next actions. They also have traps that can temporarily decrease the speed of the NUL.

Inverse Realities

The graphics in Inverse are truly exceptional, making use of Meta’s ASW technology to provide a high level of detail and immersion in the five maps that are available from the start. The environment features mysterious rocks that change shape and objects that float, creating a reminiscent atmosphere similar to scenes from Into the Radius. The inclusion of textured glass adds a heightened sense of realism to the surroundings, allowing players to become even more immersed in the game’s distinctive world.

inverse meta quest 2 game review

Players have a variety of skins to choose from in order to change the appearance of their agent. Some options are immediately available, while others can be purchased in the game later on. The visual design effectively immerses players in a unique and unfamiliar world, creating a feeling of constant pursuit by the Nul that adds to the eerie experience. In some ways, the atmosphere created is similar to the mysterious and unsettling vibe found in Stranger Things.

Acoustic Dimensions

The audio in Inverse is just as impressive as the graphics, creating an immersive gaming experience. The spatial audio is particularly useful for locating other agents and detecting the presence of the stalking Nul. The voice chat feature is also noteworthy, as it enables seamless communication between players.

inverse meta quest 2 game review

Furthermore, the game cleverly alters the Nul’s voice to create a disturbing and monstrous sound, intensifying the creepy ambiance. This unique feature alternates between being amusing and impactful, depending on how the player takes on the role of the Nul and the words they choose during the pursuit, creating an element of unpredictability and enjoyment.

Parallel Pains

Inverse lays a robust foundation for an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror experience on Quest, with MassVR’s expertise in creating location-based multiplayer VR experiences clearly reflecting in the game’s design and execution. However, like many online multiplayer platforms, it faces the common predicament of player base unpredictability, which invariably affects the matchmaking process. The future remains uncertain — it can either foster a community where matchmaking is seamless and the company enjoyable, or it might attract individuals who indulge in disruptive behavior, dampening the gaming experience for others.

inverse meta quest 2 game review

Upon release, the game guarantees a generous amount of engaging content, featuring five meticulously crafted and visually appealing maps that provide an exciting platform for thrilling escapades and abundant enjoyment. The game’s quality and potential for fun greatly depend on the community that forms around it, as they play a crucial role in determining its lasting success. As of now, it is impossible to predict the game’s long-term achievements.


To sum up, Inverse by MassVR stands out as an exceptional game in the genre of asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror, particularly on the Quest platform. MassVR, with its extensive expertise in creating immersive VR experiences, has developed a game that is rich in atmospheric graphics and sound design. They have paid careful attention to every detail, from the disturbingly mutated Nul’s communications to the visually captivating landscapes. The gameplay promotes teamwork while also providing the exhilarating option of venturing alone, resulting in a fantastic experience for both agents trying to beat the clock and Nuls reveling in the pursuit.

inverse meta quest 2 game review

The long-term enjoyment of the game is uncertain due to the unpredictable online player base. The community surrounding the game will play a crucial role in determining its success. At present, Inverse is a remarkable, finely crafted, and refined experience that is bound to offer hours of entertainment for genre enthusiasts. Inverse by MassVR stands out as an exceptional title in the genre of asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror, particularly on the Quest platform.

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