Rokid announces $112M in Series C funding

Rokid, a provider of augmented reality (AR) technologies, has recently announced the successful completion of a USD $112 million Series C funding round, with a key investment from NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited.

According to the company, Rokid announced that the investment, combined with a five-year partnership agreement, will expedite the development of future interactive user experiences that will be fundamental to the metaverse of tomorrow.

The strategic partnership will combine Rokid’s full stack technology solutions that include hardware, software, and operating systems, as well as its expertise in AR glasses and headsets, with NetDragon’s experience in internet communities and scaling multiple platforms in both the gaming and education sectors.

Misa Zhu, Founder and CEO at Rokid, expressed their satisfaction with NetDragon joining them as both an investor and a close strategic partner in the future. Rokid is a renowned unicorn in the AR industry, dedicated to developing human-computer interaction technology. They have successfully applied this technology in various industrial and consumer sectors.

Zhu expressed excitement about collaborating with NetDragon to enhance our prospects. We aim to utilize their expertise in education and gaming, along with their extensive global sales network. We are confident that the partnership between NetDragon and Rokid will drive product development and foster groundbreaking innovation in the industry.

Earlier this year Rokid announced the launch of its ‘Rokid Max’ next-generation AR glasses, which offer a theater-style viewing experience that is equivalent to a 215-inch large screen viewed from 6 meters away.

Dr. Simon Leung, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of NetDragon Group, expressed enthusiasm about their investment in Rokid. He believes that augmented reality (AR) will play a pivotal role in shaping the metaverse in the future.

Dr. Leung believes that AR will play a significant role in how users engage with each other in the metaverse. Unlike VR, AR is more suitable for extended usage, which allows for a wider range of applications, especially in education and gaming.

Dr. Leung stated that the collaboration with Rokid would provide chances to create products with an enhanced user experience using AR technologies. Additionally, this partnership would expedite the launch of their AR-enabled products into the market.

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