Review of the Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery: Expensive and Defective

I tried out the expensive Quest 3 Elite Strap with battery, but it had flaws right from the beginning.

The concept is excellent: a convenient headband with a battery connected to the rear of the head, which enhances the battery duration of the Quest 3. This is the assurance offered by the Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery.

Quest 3 Elite Strap with battery: The Concept

The Elite Strap for the Quest 3 is the same as the Elite Strap for the Quest 2, the only difference is that the Quest 2 Elite Strap does not fit the Quest 3 because of the mount.

The big advantage of the Elite Strap is the rear part of the head strap, which consists of a wide, soft, and oval rubber ring, which thanks to its elasticity adapts perfectly to different shapes of heads. For me, this design is one of the most comfortable ever made for VR headsets.

Quest 3 with Elite Strap with battery. | Image: Meta

The Elite Strap with Battery adds a 2,330 mAh battery that roughly doubles the Quest 3’s standard run time of about two hours. A short USB-C cable connects the extra battery to the Quest 3.

After establishing a connection, a notification appears on the Quest 3 device regarding the prolonged duration of the battery. Additionally, a visual representation, in the form of a “cap” over the battery icon, is displayed in the Quest 3 menu to indicate the presence of an additional battery. By placing the Touch-Plus controller near the battery icon, the remaining power capacity for both the Quest 3 and the supplementary battery is revealed.

Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery: How it works

From the beginning, this approach proved ineffective. Despite the notification regarding the extra battery, the indicator was absent, and after two hours, I received a message prompting me to recharge the Quest 3.

After independently charging both the Elite Strap battery and the Quest 3 (not using the charging dock), it unexpectedly started functioning. I was able to enjoy a continuous playtime of approximately four hours on multiple occasions.

However, the functioning ceased abruptly. Presently, upon linking the Elite Strap with the battery, I receive a notification indicating the presence of additional battery life, yet there are no visual cues or signs of it being charged.

Some users replaced the Elite Strap with the battery several times before it finally worked. Meta seems to be aware of the problem, but we have not yet received a response to our inquiry via their German agency. However, Meta support responded to RoadToVR as follows:

“We usually provide RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) for faulty units, but replacing the strap might not necessarily solve the problem. We are aware of a new issue where the Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery is either not being recognized by the headset or failing to charge. Our engineering team is actively working on finding a solution for this problem. Once they have found a resolution, we will reach out to you with an update.”

If a solution is discovered, you have the option to wait for an update or request a refund through Amazon, which should be a simple process since the product is defective. In the event that there is a major problem with the hardware and a new version is released, you can also replace it within the terms of the legal warranty.

An Alternative to the Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery

I started using the standard (although expensive) Elite Strap (purchased from Amazon) to enhance the battery life of my Quest 3. To do this, I attach a power bank to my back using a sports belt (purchased from Amazon) and connect it to the XR headset using the USB-C charging cable provided with the Quest 3.

The cable can be positioned discreetly and without causing any inconvenience by placing it between the oval rubber ring and the white plastic frame of the Elite Strap, allowing it to run along the back.

Sports belt with power bank and white UB-C cable on a table.

Using this uncomplicated and affordable arrangement, the battery duration of the Quest 3 can be significantly extended without compromising on comfort. | Image: MIXED

My power bank has a capacity of 20,000 mAH (Amazon Germany) and an output of 65W via USB-C (significantly more than the 17.9W of the Elite Strap battery). Because of the high output, the Quest 3 charges faster than it can be drained by using it. The power bank provides at least 6 hours of additional playtime (I have not yet tested the full runtime) — significantly more than the Elite Strap battery offers.

I strongly suggest giving it a shot with a comparable power bank (although not necessarily one with a 65W output). It is significantly more affordable, requires only a slightly greater effort (attaching the belt and connecting the cable), and you can utilize the power bank for various other uses as well.

At the moment, we have not tested any third-party head straps. Hence, we are unable to make any recommendations regarding them.

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