Virtual Reality Society Previews the Lightweight and Slim Meta Quest 3

Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gurman recently provided a preview of a new Meta VR device, codenamed Eureka. According to Gurman, the device feels lighter and thinner than the existing Quest 2 from 2020. This confirms information previously shared by XR analyst and journalist Brad Lynch, who had shared CAD images of the Quest 3 back in 2022, showing three pill-shaped sensors at the front of the device.

Gurman’s hands-on experience with the device revealed that it may have pancake lenses, which offer improved clarity and a lighter and slimmer headset compared to the Quest 2’s fresnel lenses. However, Gurman noted that there was little difference in clarity between the new device and the Quest 2, despite the higher resolution. It’s worth mentioning that Gurman is not known for covering VR stories extensively, so his familiarity with the Quest 2 is unclear. Pancake lenses should theoretically sharpen the image edges and eliminate god rays associated with fresnel lenses, providing image quality similar to the Quest Pro.

Based on Gurman’s information, it seems that the tracking rings from the Quest 2 have been removed in the Quest 3. The new controllers resemble those of the Quest Pro but are grey to match the headset’s color. The Quest Pro controllers feature their own tracking cameras and processors, allowing for accurate determination of the controllers’ angle and position with 6DoF, which is a significant improvement over the Quest 2. However, the Quest 3 controllers may not match those of the Quest Pro as they lack cameras. Gurman mentioned that the Quest 3 controllers had difficulty determining their position in space, which could impact certain games. Meta is expected to address this issue with other tracking improvements.

While there may be limited improvements in terms of controllers and lenses, the Quest 3 is expected to offer enhancements in mixed reality capabilities. It will face competition from Apple’s new XR headset but impressed Gurman with its XR view and depth sensor. According to Gurman, the Quest 3 may even surpass the Quest Pro in terms of mixed reality.

There is currently no official information about the Quest 3‘s launch from Meta. It is believed to be scheduled for release in October, but the price has not been disclosed. However, it is expected to be cheaper than the Apple headset and will launch with a wide range of apps and games.

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