Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta Quest Pro (Project Cambria) Release Date during The Joe Rogan Experience

Meta Quest Pro (Project Cambria) Release Date Revealed by Zuckerberg on The Joe Rogan Experience

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced its upcoming hardware release, codenamed Project Cambria, at the 2021 Connect conference. Unlike its previous focus on gaming, this new headset will prioritize work use cases. Finally, the release date for the headset has been revealed.

During an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mark Zuckerberg shared that Meta’s next device will be available in October. He also discussed some of its features, including full face tracking that enables users to make eye contact and facial expressions.

Rogan himself had the opportunity to try out the headset and was impressed by its accuracy. This is particularly beneficial for remote collaboration, as nonverbal cues can enhance communication and understanding.

According to a Bloomberg report and a data miner’s discovery, the Project Cambria headset may be released as the Meta Quest Pro. This naming choice aligns with the popularity of the Meta Quest 2, the current leading VR headset.

In addition to full face tracking, the upcoming headset is expected to have higher resolution displays, potentially utilizing MiniLED or MicroOLED technology. It will also deliver improved performance to fully utilize the enhanced resolution.

However, all these advancements come at a cost. Following a recent price increase, the Quest 2 now starts at $400. The Pro model is expected to be significantly more expensive, possibly exceeding $1,000. With the rising cost of living, it remains to be seen how many customers will be willing to invest in joining Zuckerberg in the metaverse.

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