Ultimatechs Opening Day Revealed by Resolution Games

Resolution Games has announced the release date for their upcoming VR game, Ultimechs.

The game will be available for free download on September 15 on major VR platforms including Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, and Pico devices. Ultimechs is a futuristic sport called Superball, where players control high-performance mechs that use rocket-powered fists to score points.

The game can be played in both 1vs1 and 2vs2 modes, requiring strategy and teamwork. Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games, stated that Ultimechs combines the excitement and atmosphere of traditional sports with quick and simple gameplay.

Firstly, players can wishlist the game on Steam and the Meta Quest Store to be notified when it becomes available. Additionally, there will be an UltiPass membership option that allows players to upgrade the appearance of their mechs. More details about the UltiPass will be revealed prior to the game’s launch in September. Players assume the roles of robots capable of teleportation and wielding their fists with a Grendizer-like flair. This feature is a welcome relief for those averse to the physical exertion demanded by Nock, offering a means to maintain equilibrium within their inner ear through teleportation.

Secondly, the ability to pass the ball to teammates sets it apart from both Mini Motor Racing X and Nock.

The CEO of Resolution Games highlights the dynamic ability to alter the direction of fists on the fly. Notably, the arena is marked by teleportation points, ensuring easy accessibility. The studio’s overarching strategy prioritizes player comfort, minimizing physical effort while mitigating motion sickness as much as possible.

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